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SzechuanHouse: Location:Burlington Street, Iowa City IA 52240

SzechuanHouse: Location: Burlington Street, Iowa City IA 52240

SzechuanHouse is a Chinese restaurant in Iowa City with a variety of dishes.I visited the restaurant on Saturday 28th November 2015 at around2.00pm. I was welcomed warmly on arrival. The server was kind enoughto direct me to the table and explain to me the specials of the day. The restaurant atmosphere is lively with a sweet smell of deliciousfood and a touch of Chinese culture. The restaurant was painted lightgreen with beautiful Chinese portraits hung on the wall and a blackand white textured ceiling. The tables are rounded or squared andcomfortable chairs arranged around them where several families’people sat around. However, the restaurant was a bit noisy due to themurmurs.

Thecustomer service was exceptional. The servers were friendly enough tomake me feel appreciated. However, I felt that the wait time for thefood after ordering could be improved, especially for people who haveto rush to work. The food took almost 20 minutes before it wasserved, but they got the order correct. The menu is a bit expensiveas compared to other restaurants in the city. Additionally, the menuis huge and overwhelming with having a variety of uncommon foods. Iordered fried rice with crispy chicken and soy sauce which was veryspicy but delicious. The food was served hot and had a rich aromathat got me salivating. I was impressed as they had gotten the ordercorrectly with generous portions.

Thetotal cost of the food amounted to around $30 dollars. The experienceat the restaurant was good though some improvements would make itbetter. To start with, the management should focus on reducing thewait times after an order has been made by improving their speed whenpreparing the food. They also provide a discount or a free componentof the meal such as the soup, so as to attract more customers. Suchimprovements in combination with the good customer service woulddefinitely promote customer loyalty, making them return and thusguarantee the success of the restaurant.


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