WHO prerequisites of health


The issue of homelessness is one of the most common social issues inAmerica today. There are millions of Americans who are homeless.Homeless people have numerous health issues such as tuberculosis,mental illnesses and flu (Bhugra, 2012). The issue of homelessnessaffects almost every citizen in America and in other countries acrossthe world. It is an issue that affects the society and therefore itis a major social issue. In many homes across the world, having ashelter provides a sense of belonging (Farrugia, 2015). Many homelesspeople have no sense of belonging and therefore they feel isolated.Research has indicated that the isolated people report high cases oflack of health. This is an indication that lack of health isassociated with lack of belonging.

Homelessness creates a barrier to belonging. Homeless people receivelittle or no love from other people. These are people who live inisolation from the society. They do not have a society, family orgroup they belong to. A shelter or a home creates a sense ofbelonging to the people living in the home (Bhugra, 2012). However,homelessness creates a barrier to such belonging. In order to addressthe issue of homelessness, it is only essential to offer the homelesspeople shelter. Once such people are provided shelter, this willensure that they feel or have a sense of belonging to the society(Bhugra, 2012). Efforts to ensure that the homeless are not isolatedand have a sense of belonging to the society would ensure that theissue is resolved and these people are cared for. It is essential tonote that the homeless people are isolated and have no sense ofbelonging. This is caused by the very aspect of homelessness.Therefore, creating a sense of belonging for them will automaticallysolve the issue.


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