What Does A SWOT Analysis Reveal About The Overall Attractiveness Of Papa John`s Situation?

WhatDoes A SWOT Analysis Reveal About The Overall Attractiveness Of PapaJohn`s Situation?

Theoverall attractiveness of the company comes from the strongstrategies it has developed to maintain its strengths and maximize onthe available opportunities in the market.

Thecompany has very attractive strengths that have helped maintain itsbrand before the consumers. Some of the strengths that have made thecompany attractive before the consumers and the market as a wholeincludes making of high-quality pizza products to the market that ismade from the best ingredients. The ingredients have been tailored ina way to meet the set health requirements. It has an immediateresponse to the customer services and convenient ordering systems.This enables the customers to get their ordered pizzas within theshortest time thereby increasing the trust of the customers in them.It has employed extensive marketing campaigns through advertising anduse of other social media channels to market itself and makeconsumers aware of it and its products. It has a strategy of offeringtraining and development opportunities to its employees and hasopened several branches within the state and internationally. Thecompany has recorded the highest sales from every restaurant, and sorecords the highest revenue. The company is offering some communityservices that has helped market it and build its image among theconsumers (Strickland, Meyer, &amp Harrington, 296).

Besidesthe strengths, the attractiveness of the company also comes from itsability to utilize the available opportunities. The company has beeninvolved in conducting some of the community services. The serviceshelp market the company to its current consumers and those who maynot have been aware of the company. The company has concentrated moreon the youths because they may comprise the highest market.


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