Week 2 Discussion

Week2 Discussion

Week2 Discussion

No5 part 1

Iagree with Christina’s answer on part a, she used Cowling rule verywell. Cowling refers to a formula used to determine what amount ofdosage babies should have in relation to adults. The Cowling Ruleshas two constant 1 and 24. And 3 values which can be substituted tofind a third missing figure. The formula is

inthis formula we have value (d) which represent the child dosage

Wealso have value (D) which represent adult dosage

Wehave value (a) which represent the years of the child.

Christina’sapplication. Cristina takes take 400(7+1)= d=3200÷24=133.3 which iscorrect. Christina took the child age 7 added constant 1, thus shegot 8 which she multiplied by D the value 400. Thus, getting 3200which she divided by constant 24 and got the baby’s dosage of133.33mg.


Incalculating the age of the child, we just take the same formula ofCowling and substitute the value in the equation. I noticed thatChristina Mixed up the equation symbols

“D=d(a+1)÷24 in of .Take notice of value D and d they are interchanged. You have to putthe known figures in the equation that is the adult dosage and childdosage and constant and then work out the equation. If the childdosage was 200mg and the adult dosage was 1200mg then the equationwould be substituted as follows 200={1200(a+1)} ÷24=3. Simplified,multiply both sides by 200×24=1200a+1200, 4800-1200=1200a,3600=1200a.

A=3600÷1200=3years.I agree with Christina’s answer but not methodology. The workingsare not clearly elaborated.