Week 2 Discussion 1 Part 2

Week2 Discussion 1 Part 2

Week2 Discussion 1 Part 2

4part 1

MyClassmates was able to solve the variable well. He identified eachvariable used in Cowling Formula for instance He was aware that D isused to show adult dosage, d is used to show child dosage and a aschild’s age. Substituting the values adult dosage is 75mg whilethe child age is 6 years old. d= {75(6+1)}÷24=21.875mg. He usedPEMDAS to solve the problem. I agree with his answer that the childdosage is 21.875mg.

4part 2Part b involves substituting the know value variable andfinding solutions for the unknown to find child age. Formula

Thevalues of d and D are known. You insert these known values in theequation to enable yourself to find the unknown values.187=(500(a+1)}24. You multiply both sides by 24. 24×187=500a+500,4488=500a+500, 4488-500=500a. The value of a =, 3988=500a,3988÷500=a, a 7.976 years. The child years are 7.976. My classmategets 3.8 years. I do not agree with my classmates as I feel he losthis way in the math’s formula.

Iagreed with my classmate on the first part of question 4 as wereachieved same answer, the child’s dosage to be 21.875mg but on thesecond part I got 7.976 years of the child while he got 3.8 which Ifeel it is wrong. Thus, I disagree with him.