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VideoGame Report

VideoGame Report


Game Background

The Sims isa simulation video game established by Maxis and published by EASports. It is mainly a life-simulation game that is played by asingle player. The game players enjoy the game in different platformsthat they wish. Such various platforms are, Windows (PC), iOS,Android, Nintendo (3DS and DS), PlayStation (2 and 3) and Xbox 360gaming consoles. The game developers have also ensured that the gamehas a platform for kids and puzzle gamers The (Sims. EA Sports, 2015)

The dailyactivities of the virtual characters called Sims are simulated in asuburban household close to SimCity (Sims. EA Sports, 2015).

TheSims communicate in a fictional language called Simlish.

Figure1.The Sims


3D and 2D graphicstechniques are utilized in this game. Consequently, the virtual Simsare 3D rendered but the house and its belonging are pre-rendered andthus displayed diametrically (The Sims Video Game. Play Stationconsole).&nbsp

In the start ofthe game, each family unit will be given §20,000Simoleons irrespective of the family size. Simoleons are the financesor funds that are potential in buying a house or unoccupied space inthe “neighborhood surroundings.” When any vacant portion isbought, a new housing unit can be made or even redesigned. A housecan be remodeled once the player enters the Buildmodeor he/she can opt to purchase household items in the Buymode.Primarily, gameplay occurs in Livemodesession. The architectural features that are customizable in theBuild and Buy mode are compulsively placed on a squared-tile system.However, walls and fences can be optionally placed on the edge of atile or can even cross the tile furniture cannot be set on bothsides of a tile that is crossed. Moreover, The Sims constitutes overone hundred and fifty architectural and furniture items (TheSims Video Game. Play Station console).&nbsp

Theplayer directs the Sims character to interact with other Sims orvarious objects such as the TV. They also have an option to inviteand receive guests from other neighborhood lots. They can also chooseto invite the Non-player character Sims. The Sims may be allowed somelevel of independence and autonomously interact with their world butthis autonomy can be surpassed by cancellation from the action queueatop the screen (The Sims Video Game. Play Stationconsole).&nbsp

Inthe game, the player can control the Sims to decide on choicesregarding the time spent in skill advancing, workout, reading,resourcefulness and rationality. These events can be added to day-dayto activities of the Sims. It is compulsive to add basic needs suchas cleaning protocols and eating to the daily schedules.

Figure1. A lazy and Sloppy Sim

TheSims can be punished for neglecting their personal needs. Even thoughthey Sims have to satisfy and maintain their needs, they are supposedto control their budgets expenditure. So, like normal human beings,Sims attract income by seeking jobs. In accomplishing skills andfriendship requirements of each level, Sims earn advanced job titles,increased income and alternative work hours.

Thereare side business activities for making income making artworks atthe domestic level.

Thegame has advanced artificial intelligence, in that there it iscontinuously played and there is no end of the game. Players areobliged with the task of controlling the Sims and keep them on thecorrect track. The neighborhood is displayed in a single screentechnique showing all playable houses as illustrated below:

Figure3. The SimCity Neighborhood

Withthe game’s artificial intelligence, there is no final objectivethat is expected at the end. Moreover, The Sims can fail in theirobligations. They also may die, through starvation, drowning and evenfire accidents. When they die, a tombstone appears. The Sims may alsoneglect their belongings forever. They may also engage in a physicalbrawl with each other and one Sim may move out of the household.Their children can also be sent out if they fail in the academicendeavors.

GameAesthetics and Design

TheSims has a very intriguing aesthetic and design appeal. Charactersare modelled in their real naturalistic appearance. The people have ahuman form. Thefurniture and objects also present a form and texture that feels likereal. That is, the graphical sense is much of a 3D that illustratesthe real world and presentation of objects in a lively manner.

TheSims is not a difficult game. Its Levelof Interactivity ismedium and can be played by at least every age group. However, as thegame develops, it requires a higher reasoning power.

TheProcedurality ofthe game is very systematic and easier to learn. Sims have to followcertain routines and schedules, and this makes the game interesting.The flow ofthe game depends on the video game platform. Advanced computersystems and gaming consoles make the game enjoyable and flowingsmoothly (The Sims Video Game. Play Station console).&nbsp

Figure4. 3D appearance of Sims

TheSims also show emotionalinterests, in that theycan become angry, happy or even fight with each other. They can alsodance, play outdoor activities and even swim. Sims can kiss and showemotional affection (The Sims, Youtube).

Thecharacters have been designed in abeauty fashion. Womenappear prettier and likable and this can lead to engagement andconceiving of children (The Sims, Youtube).

Thegame has an understandable navigability and interactivity where it iseasier to simulate a life and lead to many accomplishments along theway. The Sims has various levels and expansion packs developed fromdifferent years and for different stages and different audience. Agamer can play form The Sims Level 1-4 or opt to play expansion packssuch as Livin’ Large,Hot Date, House Party, and Making Magic amongother packs (The Sims, Youtube).

Themusic ofthe game is a compilation of 15 official soundtracks and contain novocals or Simlish vocals (The Sims Video Game. Play Stationconsole).&nbsp

TheSims are displayed in various shapesand colors andthus making it a more interesting game because everything appears inreal sense as perceived in a normal world.

Spaceis ample and Sims areable to navigate and interact with their surroundings very easily.There is also space to purchase and buy new household items and filla newly purchase house (The Sims, Youtube).

Userfriendliness is enhanced in the game as the game has clear andunderstandable typographythat enables theprogress from a given point to another. A player is able to readprompts and instructions and initiate the necessary moves required tolaunch a specific action.

Inthe advanced game levels, the contrastis enhanced and thecharacters and objects become clearer and so the game’sinteractivity also enhances (The Sims, Youtube).

PersonalView Point of the Game

The Sims isa highly interactive game as shown previously. It evokes a range ofemotional feelings which gives the game an edge over other simulationgames. Also, the Sims show a range of emotional responses that help aplayer to make certain decisions that are useful in the game. Inadvanced expansion packs, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) is farmuch improved and thus creating a technical aspect that ensures thegame runs smoothly and is almost fully optimized. The idea of lookingafter your family and interacting with other Sims or attending todaily schedules makes the game more involving and outstanding.Additionally, the idea of customization kind of makes you to almostforget that you are playing a game and give the impression of a realworld.


User Interface inEntertainment graphics involves consideration of Universal DesignPrinciples in form, design, message/content and expression.

Design is not justwhat it looks like or feel like, design is how it works.


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