VHA Model


Designingof such a model should be made in a way that it can help thehealthcare system to know their strengths and weaknesses in theircurrent model and how the weaknesses should be minimized (Milstead,2013). The design can help understand the required user experiencestrategies that are necessary at every stage of the design and howthey may help in delivering the efficient system in the model.

Theimplementation of the VHA mode may not be possible unless thegovernment employs strategies to ensure that all the hospitals havebeen supported to through the available investment strategies thatwould help them meet the legislation requirements (Hussein, 2013).

Themodel should be evaluated to determine if it meets the set objectivesupon which it was set up. In doing these, there should be a series ofevaluation test, the quality of the benchmarking, and also theefficiency of the care centers. The evaluation tests help knowwhether the system is serving the intended purpose and what should bedone at any given stage to bring about improvement (Harris, Galasso,and Eibner, 2008). Benchmarking enables the model to be comparedagainst other working models so that the results will help indecision making on the best model. The efficiency of the model shouldalso be determined concerning how better they can deliver asexpected.

Theimplementation of the model has been full of flaws. This is becausethe VHA model was not designed to measure the specific aspects of thereconstruction. The model is affected by mismanagement by themanagement, who always work to provide false information. The recordkeeping of the model has been marred by malpractices that areunethical giving rise to questionable grounds of the system.


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