The American natives played a very big role during the early Americaand even if most people forget to give thanks to their fore fathersan those who fought for what they are right now, I write this articleto remember the work done by the natives who were mostly the nativeIndians against the British empire and towards our independence. Thepreservation of the natives’ tradition by other people is a goodthanksgiving s that our future kids do not forget their history. Eventhough some view thanksgiving as a story of murder (Asay 185). Thenative history was marked by improper treatment of the natives by theBritish, through slavery, and as a result transmission of diseases.Such as the then deadly smallpox which wiped out most of the nativesdue to their low medical advancement. The invasion of the natives bythe puritans, who were from a given religion of strict andhardworking people who believed in purity.

The nativesavoided quarrels and war through peace treaties this showed that theywere humble people. Through war and battles the natives and every daywas marked by a thanksgiving after every successful massacre (Asay180). The Thanksgiving Day remains to be a memorable day in Americasince the times of Abraham Lincoln, and American should realize thatthey stand today and be happy on the sweat and bones of those whogave up everything thing to free their country from the colonialist(Asay 178).


It is a fact thatwithout the natives independence would have been longer than achievedit is because of these that we should give thanks to these natives


Asay, Ronald.“Native American.” Journal of American History 23(1978):178-190.