Time Management



Dissertationis a complex document that demands effective time management. Astudent has to plan completion of each task at a given time, whileensuring to remain focused on the topic. The document determineswhether an individual is eligible to get a doctoral degree. On theother hand, creating a prospectus is also essential as it preventsstudents from straying. Lentz (2015) proposes that students shouldapply project management skills to ensure they do not miss even asingle step in completion of the document. On the other hand, Gritter(2011) recommends starting working on the document as early aspossible. This way, the student will have enough time to deliverdrafts to the instructor for correction. Early completion also allowsadequate time to correct the document as well as incorporate valuablepeer-review and instructor’s suggestions. The last stage tocompleting a dissertation paper involves enriching the content usingempirical articles completed by other researchers (Thomas &ampSkinner, 2012). Gritter (2011) summarizes the views of the entireauthors with Leonard Bernstein’s observation that, “Toachieve great things, two things are needed a plan, and not quiteenough time.”


Theprocess of validating the content of literature review is challengingbecause students needs to read extensive thoughts compiled bydifferent authors. Terrell, Snyder, and Dringus (2009) argue thatmany doctoral student drop the program because they lack a feeling ofinterconnectedness. The authors identify the long distance studentsas the most vulnerable group because most of them lack personalattachment and peer motivation in the analysis of the expensivedocuments. Krauss and Ismail (2010) observes that maintaining strongrelationships between the students and the instructors encouragestudents to complete their programs successfully. Ratiu, Wagner andLeucker (2010) summarizes the time management and adherence of adissertation subject with the observation that a PhD thesis shouldhave particular contribution to fresh knowledge in the target subjectas well as contain originality of a different angle of informationanalysis that enriches the known knowledge base.


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