This paper explores the concept of workplace diversity. The scope of

Thispaper explores the concept of workplace diversity. The scope of theanalysis is also geared towards examining the application ofdiversity in the recruitment process and in training. In general thepaper takes note of the fact that diversity is one of the mostnotable concepts in organizations today. This is attributed toincreased globalization, the need to meet the skills gap and anincrease in cultural explosion. Diversity also impacts onorganizations essentially by enhancing a competitive advantage,increasing the level of performance and bringing a diversified poolinto the organization. In terms of application of diversity in therecruitment process, the paper takes note of the fact that many HRmanagers fail to integrate the concept of diversity in therecruitment process essentially when designing job descriptions. Thepaper therefore proposes that the HR should be keen when designing ajob description. In addition, other activities in the recruitmentprocess such as advertising, screening and selection should also beconducted with a bid to implement diversity. In terms of integratingdiversity in the training process, diversity training should beadopted by the HR. Diversity training entails conducting a programthat is intended to increase the level of knowledge, culturalawareness and the communication of the participants. Beforeinitiating any program, the HR should first contact he topmanagement. The paper also identifies the fact that most diversitytrainings usually fail due to lack of a conceptual framework. However, it is essential for the HR department to initiate adiversity training programs. In conclusion, based on the fact thatdiversity is a significant emerging issue in Human resourcemanagement today, it essential for organizations to integrate theconcept as part of the objectives of any firm.