Thesis in Beroul the Romance of Tristan

Thesisin Beroul the Romance of Tristan


Thelove and revenge

Lovehas been portrayed in many ways the king tries to defend Yseut whenthree barons ask her to clear from adultery charges. Arthur shows hislove to Yseut by vowing to protect her from any person who tries tobetray her. While in the land of Duke, Kaherdin notices Tristansinging a sad love song about Yseut. When he is wounded, he even askshis new wife to inform him of the arrival of his first lover (Yseut)to come and help him recover which she fail to adhere to resulting inhis death. Yseut even goes further kissing her when he is dead andshe end up dying miraculously too.

Theaspect of revenge is evident through two characters Tristan andYseut. Yseut is trying to revenge because of the evil activities thethree barons claimed she got involved. She goes further to inviteKing Arthur to come and help her fight them. Tristan is trying torevenge because the evil men had accused him of adultery making himsuffer after being chased from the land by King Mark. Yseut asksmessenger Perinis to tell Tristan to dress poorly in a soot-blackenedclothes and act as a leaper just with an aim of revenging.Furthermore, the aspect of revenge is evident in Gonernal’s act ofkilling the forester who betrayed Tristan and Yseut.

Theinterpretation of the poem is as follows, Yseut and Tristan aresignificant of two trees that have branches that are intertwined.King Mark is significant of the person trying to cut down the trees.He even tries cutting them down thrice but each time he tries outthey tend to grow again. This miraculous growth can be said to bemainly caused by the love portion of them.

Theauthor is trying to portray different themes to us: love this ismainly through love acts between Tristan and Yseut, lies and deceitfor example, Tristan and Yseut tend to hide their adultery actthrough different ways. Betrayal, suffering this is evident throughTristan, loyalty and finally justice and judgment.


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