Theoretical Framework of the influence of parental involvement in children`s education and their educational development from an early age Abstract

Theoretical Framework 3

TheoreticalFramework of the influence of parental involvement in children’seducation and their educational development from an early age


Thepurpose of this essay is to describe the social learning theoryparticularly under the influence of parental involvement inchildren’s education and their educational development from anearly age.. A lot of significance should be given in this theory aswill be seen in this essay. The essay will demonstrate a clear ideaon how the child’s performance in schools is influenced by theinvolvement of the parents directly. The topic will be explainedbasing on the social learning theory basis. Moreover, the topic willexplain the theory itself in a clear and precise way, thus used as anexample of the theory (Rashmita et al, 2010).

Keywords:Theory, Parent, Children, Social learning theory, Research


Theresearch question is how parental involvement in the children’seducation influences the children’s performance. Moreover, how theresearch question can be explained by various learning theories whichwill be analyzed in this essay.

Sociallearning theory explains that learning is considered as a verycognitive activity. Learning is considered as very cognitive becauseit takes place in a context which is considered to be social. Thetheory was first stated by albert Bandura. Albert bandura explainedthat learning can occur though observation and when an individual isdirected or given instructions. He also suggested that an individualcan learn through punishments which are given to them. He also talkedabout reinforcements is used for learning. He put emphasis onobservation aspect and explains how an individual can learn throughjust observations. These observations are what define the sociallearning theory and it being a cognitive process or activity (Miller,2011).


Sociallearning theory can be used to explain the influence of the child’sperformance from the involvement by the parents in the schoolactivities. Parent’s involvement in the child’s schoolingactivities has been found to have a positive effect. The child isable to perform very well. Research has it that many of the childrenwho perform very well have their parents helping them with thevarious activities from school such as homework. The child develops apositive attitude since they see how their parents have got theirback. Thus, the children build up a lot of confidence in everythinghe/she does, most importantly his/ her school. Through this approach,a lot of children have built on their performances in school. Anothertheory which explains the topic is the behavior overview theory. Thetheory explains how individual’s, in this case the children’s,behavior is influenced by their parent’s. The children will tend towork hand when they see their parent get involved with their studies(Van Bummelen, 2002).

Relationshipbetween the Theories and Research Topic.

Thesocial learning theory, as explained earlier describes how learningis a cognitive activity. Through observation, and reinforcement, anindividual is able to learn a lot. In relating to our researchquestion, the children are able to learn through the social learningtheory. When the parents involve themselves in the child’sschooling activities they improve the child’s performance. Theparents may involve in the child’s learning activities through wayssuch as helping the children with their homework. This approach forexample, is considered to be reinforcement act. They are able tolearn even through observation of the reinforcement process and thismakes it a cognitive process (Miller, 2011).

Thebehavior overview theory explains the topic in a simpler method. Thetheory suggests that the children will work harder in their schoollife if they see their parents get involved in their schoolactivities. The children begin to understand that school and itsactivities are very important (Rashmita, 2010).


Itis evident that the children learn more through social learningtheory when their parents get involve in their schooling activities.they improve in their performances which from the different learningmethods. The methods include observation and reinforcements. Thechildren therefore improve in their quest for educational dominance.But it is necessary to research on to what extent the children getinfluence from their parent’s involvement in their schoolactivities (Van Bummelen, 2002).


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