The video is a presentation of an ongoing education board meeting, which




Thevideo is a presentation of an ongoing education board meeting, whichis presented by ambassadors from different schools of the samedistrict. The general chairperson introduces the meeting bypresenting one of the excellent students who is said to be a soccerfanatic, does well in class, and plays rugby. The student by the nameIsaac was given a certificate of good performance in front of hisparents whom he recognized. The chairperson gives special gratitudeto the student commenting on his dressing and that he is such a sharpbrain.

Differentambassadors from different high schools were given a minimum of threeminutes to present the schools’ program and how they have beenperforming, their strength and weaknesses as well as challenges. Theenergy manager carried on the meeting by recognizing Simon`s familyFounder Scholars` 2017 class, certified, and classified employee ofthe year, Sarah and Emanuel respectively.

Superintendentreports followed, started by giving individuals or groups to presentany matter that is within the board subject. Each presentation wasgiven a maximum of three minutes. Superintendent continued to readthe past meeting`s minute for approval. Then he presented the summaryof the quarterly reports of Williams’ settlements in which all themembers of the board were satisfied. Gifts and grants followed, andthey were accepted according to the board policy 3290.

Extendedfield trips and school-sponsored trips were also approved as per thepolicy. Other crucial agendas were supported, including the paymentand reimbursements of the cost incurred in related services forstudents with disabilities exact change orders for various projectsacross the district. The ongoing construction, building, and summerenrichment programs were among the updates that were presented.Again, the superintendent with the board’s backup authorized anaward to contract for bid package increment and other packages.Finally, the meeting was adjourned, and the date for the next meetingwas set.


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