The Pilgrims Reflection

ThePilgrims Reflection

Thevideo presents a comprehensive documentary of the great pilgrimage bya handful of people from England to America in the early seventeenthcentury. The experience teaches me about the impact of thepilgrimage on American history. The voyage of the pilgrimage in 1620starts a journey that did not just lead them to America, but alsosparked the growth of a New World. This journey presents a new way toview the Thanksgiving Day. The pilgrims served the purpose of showingthe beginning of the New World, and so, they created the start of theAmerican nation. Therefore, the thanksgiving should be in honor ofthese brave pilgrims. This is largely because the First Thanksgivingwas celebrated by the pilgrims whose epic journey became the seedthat grew to the America we have now.

Inaddition, the documentary teaches me a word about faith. From thedocumentary, I learn that faith is the source of things we hope forand the evidence of the things we have not yet achieved. This is whatthe early biblical people quoted in the documentary lived for. Forinstance, Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Sarah are all the peopledied in faith. Just like these biblical heroes who did not receiveprophesy, the pilgrims confessed faith and that shows theirpilgrimage.

Moreover,the documentary challenged my idea of thanksgiving to not only thepilgrims, but to God. Just as the biblical heroes of faith, thepilgrims were strangers in the earth, and they lived in faith andcalled God, who presented their faith in the journey. This was thebasis of their relationship with God, as they were on a journey.Through the life on earth, and faith in God, the pilgrims were on ajourney as strangers on the earth but citizens of heaven. Thepilgrims built a foundation of America in faith that should be thebasis of my idea of The Thanksgiving.