The Peer Review System

ThePeer Review System

ThePeer Review System

My best regards go to my peers and the professorfor the constant follow up on my pre-publication peer review draft.Their efforts contributed to the perfection of the argumentconstruction in the literature review (Ching, 2014). Specifically, Iwas able to develop a convincing argument that supported and fit withmy topic. Although the literature review had both errors of omissionand addition, I was able to obtain guidance about the necessaryadditional information and the unnecessary that I had to eliminate.In addition to the guidance on the possible sources of information, Iwas able to identify additional relevant sources to the topic in myliterature review (Chung, &amp Hsu,2014).The information from theadditional sources assisted in expounding my base of argument andfurther augmented the clarity of the literature review. There wereadditional contextual errors that I fixed.

While amending the arguments in my document, Irealized that I had included the most up- to-date sources ofinformation. I understand that consistency is an important source ofvalue for any literature review document and consequently, I wouldlike to maintain the validity of my sources. The greatest challengeis in the identification and filtering of out of date publications. Iam conducting extensive research to identify additional sources thatmatch with my original sources of information to ensure consistency.Consequently, I find it difficult to maintain the trend due toscarcity of additional information (Moore, &amp Teacher, 2012). Topeers that wonder why my paper is taking so long to complete, I amfocused on providing high quality documentation by observing variouscommentaries and approaches. Besides I am focused at ensuring thatthe literature review covers all the available information(Ching,2014)..


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