The Paris Coordinated Attacks


TheParis Coordinated Attacks

A series ofexplosions and shootings were on Friday night reported in Paris,France. The authorities confirmed that 129 people were reported dead,353 injured, and 98 in critical condition. State officials reported aseries of six coordinated attacks. Of the six attacks, &quotonebombing and two suicide attacks&quot took place at the Stade DeFrance. ISIS claimed responsibility on Saturday claiming to be inretaliation for the French airstrikes in Syria. In the wake of anyform of terrorist attacks, the U.S politics is never left behind. TheUnited States` responses in the hours after the Paris Attacks –from President Barrack Obama to potential candidates – continue toraise questions about the potential impact it will have on theimmigration politics in the United States. As the journalist for TheMonitor, I went on the streets of Paris to ask what they think aboutthe whole issue.

As noted, President Obama had earlier said that the plans wereunderway to bring an approximated 10,000 Syrian refugees into thecountry do you think allowing Syrian refugees into the United Stateswill or should have an impact on the politics of immigration in theUnited States?

&quotYes.&quotquips Stevie McCoy, vacationing in Paris. &quotConservatives andliberals, even the radical ones, are not happy with President Obama`sdecision to bring Syrian refugees to U.S&quot Doubling as an artist,the 29-year-old American Native added: &quotimmigration politics islikely also likely to interfere with other immigrants other than theSyrians.&quot

Of the prospect ofISIS setting a foothold in the country, what do you think aboutRepublic stance and the idea to close the country`s borders?

Mark McKenzie, a45-year-old economist having studied at the London School ofEconomics, was quick to voice his thoughts. &quotIt would block theflow of capital, economies, and labor in and out of the country.&quot&quotBecause if one thinks about it, large corporations are notrestricted, but workers` family reunification and the prevention ofrights,&quot he told The Monitor. &quotFrom every controversyplaguing the issue, it is true to think that closing the borderswould cause an economic evil to the country, and could be forced bycircumstances to tolerate it.&quot

As if studying the current state of Stade de France after the attack,I asked: Do you think the economic consensus is likely to interferewith the immigration politics in the United States?

&quotNo.&quot “As a matter of fact,&quot Mark McKenzie quipped,&quotthe consensus is that immigration situation – either legal orillegal – means well for the country`s overall economy.&quot As ifto emphasize, the 45-year-old London School of Economics` Alumni saysthat while the competition felt from new arrivals and undocumentedworkers stretches the country`s wage bill in certain sectors, theoverall net effect will not be affected.

Do you thinkallowing Syrian refugees into the United States will or should havean impact on the politics of immigration in the United States?

&quotI agree withthe Republican stance.&quot &quotTo allow Syrian refugees into theUnited States,&quot he added, &quotwould open up an easy passage byextremists, criminals, and terrorists into America.&quot Alsoworking as a security adviser, Jacob Kelly added: &quotterror-crimeconvergence.&quot

Do you think the Syrian refugees are likely to interfere with theimmigration politics in the United States?

&quotYes.&quot Marek, a 33-year-old business entrepreneur, wasquick to agree with the Republican stance. &quotThis is becauseSyria is the country has an ISIS foothold, and that alone will openup the country`s borders for all manner of extremists` activities,&quotHe explained.