The Outlining of the Customer Service Policy

TheOutlining of the Customer Service Policy

Theinn at the little Washington has had the tradition of the designatingof the first Washington as a major destination beyond the DC. The innwas once a lodge and provides dinner services. Moreover, the innprovides a visitor with both luxury and relaxation. Besides that, theinn employees ensure that the visitors at the inn are notdisappointed and areservedwith specialty. On arrival at the inn, the travellers are greeted atthe entrance,and they arewarmly received.The courtesy employed by the employees working at the inn attractsmany visitors (Werlin).

Customersareattractedto business operations that usually treat them well and offer qualityservices. The services offered to customers are affected by variouslevels of retail operations. Moreover, everyone who is involvedshould have a similar mindsetand should follow similar policies. The first step to ensuringthe satisfaction of customers is by ensuring that the interactionbetween the employees and the customers is perfect. One shouldconsider that courtesy is king,and all customers should betreatedin courteous manners at all times.

Whenon the sales floor the employees should be professional. The use ofcell phones and other means of personal communications should belimitedto lunch break. The above will allow for the perfect attendance tocustomers. Employees should dress appropriately and presentthemselves well to customers. A business operator should know his orher customers and the environment they operate in me. The marketingplan should focus on the use of product or services by the consumers.Therefore, this provides one with the understanding and theappreciation of the customers in one’s particular line of work.


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