The Obama Heath Policy

TheObama Heath Policy


TheObama Heath Policy

ThePresident signed the Affordable Care Act five years ago following a6-3 ruling by the Supreme Court. This act has assured millions ofAmericans who have been covered by health insurance continuedcoverage (Obamacare Facts, 2015). The following are some of theprovisions of the health reforms policy:

  • Children can remain covered under their parents’ insurance up to the age of 26.

  • It has removed the limit on the amount of essential care a person can receive in a single year and their lifetime.

  • However, there is a limit on what they pay out of their pockets such as deductibles for health benefits and copays.

  • People cannot lose a policy or denied cover because of a preexisting illness.

  • The insurer cannot cancel their cover when patients are ill.

  • Patients cannot be charged more on the basis of their gender.

  • There is free access to preventive services such as screening for cancer, immunization and the provision of contraception.

  • Americans can venture into business or retire without necessarily losing their cover.

  • There is a transparent and highly competitive insurance market for the people to choose.

  • No matter where they live, the middle class can now get assistance in paying for their insurance through tax credits.

  • Medicaid benefits can now be accessed in many states.

  • The government will not allow Americans to be subjected to double-digit premium rates without proper justification.

  • If enough is not spent on quality improvement and healthcare provision, people can receive rebates.

  • People can rest assured that the Medicare trust fund will be available until 2023.

  • Tougher penalties have been approved for fraudulent activities, making citizens well protected.

  • There are many improved and newly finished community health centers.

  • More and well-trained medical practitioners are now available for patients.

  • It has emphasized on improving care to reduce harm to patients. This includes hospital acquired diseases, pressure ulcer and adverse drug reactions and effects among others.

  • Almost all hospitals and all doctors’ offices now have electronic registration for patients.

Theseprovisions are very beneficial to the average American. Except forlarge firms and those making more profits, the majority of Americanswill benefit from the protective provisions outlined in thisdocument. Despite the fact that the healthcare costs might go up inthe short run, people are guaranteed of quality insurance andhealthcare services for as long time.

Implementationof the healthcare reforms is currently ongoing. Major strides havebeen made in the health industry since the enactment of the policy.Through already set milestones, the government has been able torealize chronological and careful achievement of the set objectivesbecause the reforms are a process. If the next government cares aboutthe well-being of the average American, the healthcare policy willcontinue being implemented well. People are bound to see thelong-term benefits of the reforms, which promise more for a healthyAmerica.

Impacton the Public

Theimpact of the enactment is great and beneficial to the Americans. Nowtens of millions of uninsured Americans can now access insurancecover under the Medicaid expansion and the Health InsuranceMarketplace. Although taxes need to be raised in order to raiserevenue to fund the insurance cover, those who will be affected aremajorly wealthy individuals and big firms. This is beneficial to theaverage American because the middle class constitutes the majority ofthe population.

Withgood implementation, uninsured people will get insurance cover forfree or at a low cost. Additionally, the limit introduced to thepayments they make out of their pockets protects them fromexploitation. Therefore, with the help of the Health InsuranceMarketplace, many Americans can now access quality healthcareservices at a low cost. In addition, by 2016, over 20 million peoplewill be exempted from paying the fee. The exempted can still accessassistance. The only requirement for getting exemptions is to submita form to HealthCare. Gov or file the 8965 – Exemption form(Obamacare Facts, 2015, n.p).

Theenactment has enabled the provision of more private coverage plansthan ever. Now people can get private cover in more institutions.Nevertheless, there are standards set for the minimum essentialhealthcare coverage to be provided by each insurer. This means thatAmericans will access quality services at a lower rate due toincreased competition between insurance providers and the level ofstandards to be met by each provider.

Thesociety is now well protected in terms of malpractices and fraudulentservices from providers. The reforms have left little room forexploitation from the insurers, assuring Americans of a better healthfuture. The future looks bright for the health sector in America ifthe act is implemented well. This is because the act does not allowlocking patients out based on their preexisting illness, allowingmore Americans to access cover. Additionally, there is gendersensitization as the act has removed gender bias. Women can nowaccess all healthcare services at a cost equal to their malecounterparts (Oberlander, 2012, p.2165-2167).

Impacton the Health Industry

However,the cost of accessing health could be increased. The health industrymight be forced to increase costs in order to meet the high risksinvolved in implementing this enactment. Insuring already sick peopleis a high risk. Individuals earning highly will feel this increase.Since the law has made it illegal to deny this group insurance cover,the providers will need to increase their premiums. However, thegovernment has still insisted that double-digit premiums should notbe imposed on the customers. This means that large companies andwealthy people will have to be taxed heavily in order to finance thecosts. Healthcare will be more costly for the seniors due to theincreased taxes on drug companies and medical machinery manufacturers(Haislmaier &amp Blasé, 2010).

Thereis a possibility that the wealthy and large firms will continuegiving these reforms cold treatment because they are the ones whosuffer most. The likely effect could be complaints from this group.There is also a high likelihood that people will start beingdishonest when giving information regarding their turnover or revenuein order to avoid excessive taxation. The relevant governmentagencies should, therefore, be on the lookout for this vice.

However,for the common citizen, this is a relief. It will ensure not only ahealthier America, but also accessible medical services. Fatalitiesrelated to certain diseases such as cancer and other non-communicablediseases. Despite the fact that many Americans have been affected byfull-time job cuts in favor for part-time workers, there has been anet rise in job growth. The taxes have been dedicated to creatingmore healthcare jobs. There are new jobs in the Health InsuranceMarketplace. Improvement in the existing healthcare facilities hasalso led to increased jobs, especially for young people (ObamacareFacts, 2015, n.p).

Inconclusion, Americans have more to gain than to lose regarding thereforms by President Obama. Many poor Americans can now accessquality and low-cost services. A healthy nation is a productivenation.


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