The growth of Macbeth to power

Thegrowth of Macbeth to power

Thecharacter Macbeth experiences a gradual increase in power as hischaracter gets assassinated. However, the contrast helps indeveloping the plot of the play. Shakespeare in his book ‘Macbeth`relates the themes of ambition, deceit, and power as well as themurder to develop Macbeth, who is the central character. The maincharacter is initially a good man who presents as a courageousfighter. The author also shows how self-doubt affects a braveindividual and makes them depend on the individuals within the circlefor strength. The discussion on the character of Macbeth willillustrate his growth to power and how it affects not only his lifebut also the play.

Inthe beginning, Macbeth is a perfect warrior in the army of KingDuncan (Bloom 7). Other soldiers in the battle bear his testimony andalso would wish him to receive a title due to his good work. He ispresented as a person full of kindness as said by Lady Macbeth. Hisgoodness faces tumult when he meets the witches. They prophesy to himthat he would be the king (Bloom 7). At once the bad part of him getsto live, and hunger for power blinds him. His joy cannot be hidden ashe has longed to be in power for long. He sets on a mission to seehimself rise to power.

Macbethis named the Thane of Cawdor by the king (Bloom 27). When he receivesthe news, he sees a great opportunity for him to rise to power.However, his courage is affected by the fact that he has self-doubt.His particular nature curtails his courage to get involved in evilthings. However, Lady Macbeth knows his weakness and decides toempower him. Together, they plan to assassinate the king when he getsto their home. At first, Macbeth is reluctant to start join plan ordo anything that pertains to it. Eventually, the king arrives andafter their mission he goes to sleep. Lady Macbeth drugs the guardsof the king`s chamber and at this point Macbeth seizes theopportunity of killing the king (Bloom 30). He also kills the witnessguards. The body is discovered in the morning by Macduff, who is aloyal follower of the king and has been sent to wake him.

Onthe death of King Duncan, Macbeth is promoted to be the king ofScotland. His plan to murder Duncan was to prevent the reign of hisson who had been appointed as the heir. He knew if he waited longer,the king might die of old age and the heir would be old enough to bea king. He, therefore, wanted to counteract the plan as he had theambition of becoming the king. His full journey to leadership hadbegun. However, on killing the prime witnesses, Lady Macbeth faints.She gets disturbed by what Macbeth had turned to be (Bloom 53). Thelords of Scotland together with the new king assemble and plan toavenge the death of their new king. They suspect the heir to be themurderer, and this makes the two sons of the late King Duncan toflee. Donalbain flees is therefore forced to flee to Ireland while,Malcolm, his brother is made to flee to England (Bloom 78).It is inEngland where he raises an army.

Thenew king, Macbeth is disturbed by the second prophecy of the witches.According to the witches, the generation Of Macbeth will not get topower. Instead, the generation of his colleague soldier, Banquo,would take over. Threatened by that prophecy, he plots the death ofBanquo and his son Fleance (Bloom 100). At this period, he is nolonger cautious or fearing. He plans with the murderers on how tokill the targets and also tell them where to wait for the targets.The killers only manage to murder Banquo and let the son, Fleance toescape. At the banquet, Banquo`s spirit haunts Macbeth (Bloom 111).He becomes disturbed but does not want to reveal the reasons for hishaunt. There are a few people who know that he was being haunted bythe person he had killed.

Thehaunt disturbs him so much that even Lady Macbeth is not able to calmhim. Macbeth then decides to visit the witches. They confirm thatFleance would rule Scotland. They also tell him that there would bewar and during the battle, the forest of Biman would move towards thestronghold of Dunsinane (Bloom 131-140). He is also told that hisdownfall would begin as soon as he meets an enemy who is not born ofa woman. Macbeth does not take heed to that prophesy but continues toprepare for the invasion.

Prophesyabout the moving of the forest is fulfilled when Macduff deserts him. Macbeth decides to clear his wife and children (Bloom 179). Whenthey are killed, Macduff receives the news. For the sake of revenge,he joins the army of Malcolm that is planning to invade Scotland.Meanwhile, Macbeth is training his army to counter the invasion. Thekilling of Macduff`s family is the final step of Macbeth`s bloodyjourney in leadership. Eventually, the England army led by Malcolminvades Scotland.

Atthe battlefield, the last prophecy gets to be fulfilled. It statedthat Macbeth would come to an ultimate end when he meets a man notborn of a woman. Macduff reveals that he had been born throughcaesarean. He was the man who had not been born of a woman. Withoutheeding to prophesy by the witches, Macbeth throws himself to him,and he gets slain (Bloom 173). In this context, Macbeth meets hisdeath on the battlefield where he had started. The story shows thebeginning to the rise of power of Macbeth at the battlefield and alsohis fall is set on the battlefield.

Thedesire to rise to power makes Macbeth to change from a good person toan evil murderer. His change is gradual, but each evil deed is gearedtowards his rise in power as well as being maintained in theposition. His strength comes from his wife, Lady Macbeth, and thewitches. They are the characters that strengthen him to undertake theevil deeds. They encourage him to try the very best to retain hispower.

Inconclusion, Macbeth maneuvers a bloody journey to power. From asoldier, he is promoted to be a Thane out of his good work. He killsthe king, and he is promoted to be the king of Scotland. He alsokills other people that he thinks would be a threat for him to getinto power. As a result of the plot, he plans to murder Banquo andhis son. He also plans for the death of Macduff`s family. In the longrun, he manages to remain the king. However, his life comes to anultimate end when Macduff kills him. The character of Macbeth is theconflict in the book that is solved by his death.


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