The Critical difference between teaching strategies and Learning Activities


TheCritical difference between teaching strategies and LearningActivities

TheCritical difference between teaching strategies and LearningActivities

Teachingstrategies are the methods that teachers use to assist students tonot only learn, but also become independent learners. According toOrlich et al (2009) teaching strategies are used by instructors tohelp learners to understand the new knowledge that they are teaching.Among the main teaching strategies are discussions, lecture methodsand group projects. On the other hand, learning activities are thethings that students engage in to gain the knowledge from theinstruction process. Learning activities are learner-based and arepart of the larger pedagogical scenario of the teaching-learningprocess (Orlich et al, 2009). While the two are different, there isone critical difference between teaching strategies and learningactivities.

Thecritical difference is that teaching strategies are aimed at helpingthe students to be independent learners, while the learningactivities are aimed at prompting the learners to respond to theknowledge they are acquiring. This difference is critical because itgives the basis of using the two in a pedagogical process. Whileteaching strategy focuses on the teacher turning the student into alearner, a learning activity focuses on helping the learner gainknowledge in the pedagogical process.

Throughthe use of the two pedagogical aspects, the critical differenceprovides the basis of directing the teacher on which strategy to useand learning activity to apply. For instance, to encourage studentsto engage in cooperative learning activities, the teacher might usegroup discussion as a teaching strategy. At the same time, learningactivities are more learner-based, while teaching strategies areteacher-based (Orlich et al, 2009). All in all, the criticaldifference is that the teaching strategies turn a student into anindependent learner while learning activities help the student tolearn.


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