The Constant Gardener

TheConstant Gardener

Theconstant Gardener is a conspiracy thriller dealing with serious issueof corruption. The story revolves around corrupt cooperation betweena large British pharmaceutical company, some powerful members fromthe British government and the Kenyan government. The alliance ofaforementioned parties is involved in secret mission of testing adeadly vaccine on poor Kenyan living in Kibera slum one of thelargest slums in sub-Saharan region. Tessa Quayle a medical doctor isinvolved in testing a vaccine, which is intended to curetuberculosis, her husband Justin Quayle is a British diplomatstationed at Kenya.

Tessameet with a Justin at a conference and both fall in love leading tomarriage. While testing the vaccine Tessa discovers it has bad sideeffects that result to death of victim being tested. She compiles adocument describing the toxic vaccine and parties involved and sentthe copy to a key British government official. Unfortunately, theofficial is part of the conspiracy, and to keep their work safedecide to eliminate Tessa.

BeforeTessa died she played as a willing adulterer and a manipulative womanwho get what she wants. Therefore, her relationship with Justin isfull of suspiciousness of infidelity. After death, Justin decide tounmask who Tessa was cheating to, however, it turn out he neverunderstood his wife. When he discover the work Tessa was working touncover, Justin fall much in love with Tessa and decide to finish thejob. Below is an analysis of first five minute of the clip from themovie.

Theclip start uncharacteristically with a mix of sounds that indicatesomething dreadful has happened. Within the first minute one see anincrease in tension that build up at the start of the thriller. Thebody of Tessa is shown, brutally damaged in unbelievablecircumstances that leave the audience surprised at the turn of event.Two things that overlap here is the theme of hopelessness andsuspiciousness that surround the situation. All these themes areaiding in intensifying this section of the clip into a crescendo. Themixes of background music being played aid the prominence of thethemes and the brightness of the scene makes the audience to benervous.

Thecinematographer does not concentrate on showing the activitieshappening at the point of murder but focuses on showing thebackground of the surrounding capturing the detail. The cameramancaptures what is happening within the vicinity of the incidence,which is shown to be bright and colorful. One can see the activitiesgoing on in the surrounding, children playing, the dilapidatedbuilding, and the congestion of people. A sign board written Kiberais shown. There are many people crowded in the streets and noises ofpeople doing their businesses can be heard. The camera swoops to givedifferent pictures of the surrounding and the laying corpse.

Aturn of event occurs and the totally different environment is shownwhere Justin is shown remembering an event. The flashback showsJustin in a conference where the diseased is shown in a jovial mood.Here unlike the previous surrounding it is darker and cloudy.Everyone is white and unlike the previous surrounding, this seems tobe a quiet and busy city. Outside the conference room is magnificentcity served with complex network of highways. A signpost writtenwelcome to London can be seen. The cameraman focuses once again inshowing the surrounding, CCTV camera can be seen rotating, andcreating a feeling that Justin’s movements are being monitored.This creates a feeling of conspiracy which is the central theme ofthe film.

Thetwo characters Tessa and Justin have different personalities that theviewer can observe. Justin is quiet and humble diplomat whose passionis tending to plants in his garden. On the other hand Tessa is anactivist who frenzies against political and social injustice. Butdespite different personality between Tessa and Justin there is aninstant build up of attraction between the two when they meet. Duringtheir conversation one can not fail to notice the friendly atmospherethat begins to build up. However, their disparity in personality isdistinguishable by variation of their voices. Justin seems to agreeon everything during the conversation. This leads to love tensionbuilding up between the two lovers who end up being intimate. Theclip ends up with a wedding ceremony between Justin and Tessa.

Theclip is an excellent example of a good sound and cameraman. The mixof sound at the beginning of the clip creates a tension before theaction start. The director tries to grab the attention of theaudience by using the sound to create suspense. The cinematographeron the other hand seems to focus on the surrounding to providemeaning to the audience. This is captured through use of colour andposition of actors. The background noises between the two differentregions brings the difference that enables the audience understandthe context of what is happening. These techniques are usually usedby film directors to attract attention of the audience and createsuspense. In conclusion, it is evident that this unconventional waythe clip start seems to be effective in opening up the film andsetting the pace to get audience glued to the screen watching themovie.