The Collapse of the Soviet Union

TheCollapse of the Soviet Union

WorldWar II came along with some things, apart from industrialization,urbanization, and scientific revolution, unity among nations wasaided. One of the public Union of States was the Soviet Union. TheAssociation was formed on March 11, 1985. The Union was comprised offifteen states, among them were Russia and the USA, and its primaryobjective was to initiate a new government that would implementdemocratic reform and pave the way for the proletarian revolution.

Somenations contributed the dissolution of the Soviet Union however, theUnited States under the influence of the President Mr. Bush fuelledits dissolution. This influence was through some interventions theseinclude Bush was among the leaders who formed the Commonwealth,which was a plan to eliminate the Soviet group. Through the influenceof Bush to perused other presidents to join the Commonwealth, SovietUnion was left with no members and therefore, contributing to itsdissolution.

Second,the United States felt that the economic planning of the Soviet Unionnever met their needs, this contributed to the gradual decline of theeconomy of the United States. Bush as the President felt the need tosave the economy of the country and this led to the urge to reform.By the influence of Bush, he persuaded other leaders, and they allsaw the sense of reforming the union and this therefore contributedto the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Lastly,after the US and Russia started to deviate and led to several civilwars where they were fighting over leadership. These civil warsbetween USA, Russia, and other nations weakened the strength of thesoviet union, and there was also the need to align the two countries,this contributed to the formation of the Commonwealth and USA becamethe leader, through this soviet union was weakened and thiscontributed to its dissolution. The official date when the SovietUnion dissolved was on December 21, 1991. This was after all nationsthat had previously formed the Soviet Union except Georgia declaredtheir willingness to join the Commonwealth. On the 25th December1991, it was officially announced the dissolution of the union.