The American History and National Life


TheAmerican History and National Life

American culturalhistory encompasses the traditions that have since characterized theNorth American society since European arrival in the 16th Century.While it may contain much in the way of the American history, Gates(2011) noted that it should not be interchanged to mean anycommunity`s beliefs about its people. Therefore, some of the heroesin the American cultural history include Christopher Columbus, GeorgeWashington, Patrick Henry, and Betsy Boss. According to Shlapentokh(2006), tricksters are those characters that appear in the American`sfolklore and cultural history. They include Prometheus, Zeus, Coyote,Bluejay, Spider, Raven, and Raccoon.

In today`sAmerica, Halttunen (2008) noted that there is something in thesociety that appeals a specific range of accomplishments, whichcelebrates a lot of people. It also looks beyond the general statuteson the horseback for all of its heroes. America therefore, has theseheroes which include Bill Gates, Walt Disney, J.K Rowling, BarrackObama, and Dalai Lama.

The great strugglebetween the good and the evil in the contemporary society is thebalance and difference between the two. The struggle comes about whenthe society is caught up in the wave of their purpose in the societywithout stepping out from doing well. Gates (2011) observed that sucha situation brings about Taoism. The contemporary society livespeacefully amidst the opposing forces of both good and evil. It iswhen the balance between the two is based on individuals` faith, anda lack of it results in imbalance. The struggle is conveyed throughthe myth by giving examples based on the white (Yang) and black (Yin)opposites and practices such as Taoism. Such myths help with knowingthe thin line between the bad and good within the society.


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