Technology Application



Withthe increasing technological advancements, arrays of applicationshave come up over time. However, based on my experience as nurseeducator, I feel that the applications mostly used in the nursingenvironment are outdated hence the need to absorb some of theemerging technology. Nurse education mostly entails makingpresentations and instructions to interns as well as patients. Withintent of keeping abreast with advanced technology thereby, there isneed to absorb webinar, podcasting, audio as well as webconferencing. These are among the emerging technological advancementsthat make presentations and meetings for conferencing purposes easierand more effective.

TheWeb-based seminar commonly referred to as webinar is consists ofpresentations and lectures transmitted through the web using videoconferencing software (Blais&amp Hayes, 2011).In my view, these would come in handy, as they would makepresentations during my lectures to interns far much easy andeffective. Webinar would also make explanations easy as through thevideos, students get to watch illustrations making practical easy.Podcast on the other hand consists of successions of chapters ofpresentations recorded in audio, video, and pdf as well as epub files(Blais&amp Hayes, 2011).This would be quite effective in that students during lectures caneasily watch and follow through instructions for practical. Throughrecorded tapes, they can listen to presentations and pause as well asrewind for clarity. Patients can also get elaborative illustrationsregarding their ailments through presentations on the tapes. Audioconferencing would be extremely effective while offeringconsultations to patients as well as explaining sessions to studentsas it is communication via phone. Lastly, web conferencing isconferencing between people linked together from different computersthrough the internet (Blais&amp Hayes, 2011).Through it, nurse educators can easily arrange for lectures withtheir students virtually. Specialist doctors can also attend to theirpatients through it in an event of long distances.


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