Technical Selling In Relevance To Pharmaceutical Companies.


TechnicalSelling In Relevance To Pharmaceutical Companies.

Globally,majority of pharmaceutical companies have a wide range of products.Sales representatives hired by These Companies perform the roles ofmarketing these products. They generate sales by offering technicalexpertise and explaining consumer needs to a given distributor. Salesor medical representatives exploit their acquired skills to makemassive sales. Companies hire high level sales men and women to beable to compete in a competitive market. Public relation skills arethe key factors to any sales representative in a company. This paperexplains the relevance of technical selling in pharmaceuticalcompanies (Berkowitz,2011).&nbsp

Manypharmaceutical companies produce almost the same products. A commondrug like augmenting is manufactured by more than ten companiesglobally just to cite an example. It’s then braded with differentbrand names. Human resource departments in any given company definestrategies of selling their products to beat its resembling productsin the market. It’s for this reason technical sales men arefundamental in these companies. A sales man is allocated a definedregion of operations’. Through their regular visits to consumers,they offer free samples, perform demonstrations make regular phonecalls to promote their products. Consumers then understand andappreciates their products consequently they start buying the productin question. In this particular region, not only one sales man ispresent, other companies producing the same products again have theirmen in place. High competition in sales is observed. Companies withthe best marketing strategies and resources carry the day in thiscase. A meticulous sales man for example will take all contacts ofphysicians and doctors in a particular area (Palmer,2012).&nbspThis enables him to make close follow up .companies set funds asidesfor symposiums, seminars as well as conferences to promote theirproducts. Mostly the attendants being potential consumers. Doctorsand physicians are the key prescriber in any given hospital. Invitingthese professionals in a conference is a tactic employed by salesrepresentatives to market their drugs (Palmer,2012).&nbsp

Technicalselling has proved expensive to companies. Sales representativesrequire financing. These protocols are expensive especially whenproducts are not moving in the market. Sales representatives requirecars to enable them cover a large area in a short period of time.They are also provided with materials and enough literature to reacha substantial number of target groups. Companies with limitedrecourses do not provide these facilities consequently affectingtheir outcome. In developing countries, new companies facerecognition challenges. Old companies take the grate percentage inthe market. For a sales representative to make a breakthrough in themarket, they are faced with financial a challenge which then reflectsto their companies (Palmer,2012).&nbspSalesrepresentatives must have several skills. Good public relationskills, good grammar, patience just to mention. Companies encounterchallenges when hiring a right sales man. All these factors are timeconsuming non economical and tedious. It’s for these reasons amongothers that technical selling is changing to electronic form ofmarketing. With introduction of computers, electronic (E) selling isbecoming common than technical selling. Both achieve at most the samepurpose but different in terms of expenditures. To cite an example,making calls to wide range of doctors may be far much expensive thandisseminating information through websites for them to read.Economics experts have proved that a double cost is incurred whentechnical selling is used compared to electronic selling. Majority ofconsumers are conversant with computers. They prefer information inwebsites than face to face conversation which proves time consuming.Developing world has poor technology hence electronic selling mayhave gross challenges. Information disseminated electronically maynot reach consumers comprehensively. Pharmaceutical products havecomplex literature which is difficult to appreciate. It’s for thesereasons many companies still use technical selling (Berkowitz,2011).&nbsp

Conclusively,tremendous growth in sales departments is observed when technicalselling is comprehensively employed. Despite many challenges itremains the gold standard for sales and marketing especially indeveloping countries. With the advent of electronic sellingmethodology, companies are shifting to it due to its low cost.Nevertheless,electronic selling often encounters challenges. Computer technologyis expensive to install. Since many companies got little or nofinances, technical selling remains the solution (Palmer,2012).&nbsp


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