Taking a risk in an interior design career

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Takinga risk in an interior design career

Achievingsome career goals requires individuals to assume some calculatedrisks. The ability to take risks in a given career differentiatesbetween those who will succeed and those who will fail in aparticular career (Ferriss 1). Career risks can be challenging andtempt people to change their profession, but taking risks as idealopportunities to learn can help people enhance their competence andthe ability to achieve more than they would have done in the absenceof risks. In this paper I will discuss how taking a risk as aninterior designer have contributed towards my success.

Thelack of client satisfaction is among the most threatening risks thatI have been taking in my career as an interior designer. Fromexperiences, there are two key factors that contribute towards thelack of satisfaction. First, some clients either fail to understandwhat they want or they are unable to explain the exact design that isin their mind to the designer. Secondly, the client may communicatethe design that is in their mind, but the designer fails to take someminor details seriously. The lack of customer satisfaction forces meas a designer to take the cost of initial works and redesigns thehouse as per the client’s specifications.

Althoughassuming the cost of initial work can affect the solvency of aninterior designer’s business, experience ha straight me that takingthe risk give clients a perception that meet their needs is my keygoal, and not minting money from customers. This has contributedtowards my career success by increasing the number of loyal clients.In addition, my customer-centered services have helped me get morecontacts through referrals that are made by the loyal clients totheir friends.

Inconclusion, risks are quite common in each type of career, but theypresent suitable opportunities for one to learn and improve services.Clients of an interior design may feel unsatisfied, not because thework done is of poor quality, but because the designer has failed toinclude some minor details. It is worth assuming the cost of workthat has been rejected by the client since it increases customerloyalty and referrals.


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