Harvestof Empire is a book written by Gonzalez. It outlines the antiquity ofhow America came into being. The book is distributed into three mainsections. The first section is on the history of the correlationbetween Latin American, who have been the immigrants for that caseand the United States. The second section talks about the devotion ofLatinos survive. The last part Gonzalez debates numerous topicslinking to Hispanics living in the States of America. Some of thetopics debated in this section are politics of United States,settlement, linguistic and philosophy used free trade (González16).

Gonzalezlabels the last section of the book as “The Harvest” because ittalks more about how the nation was formed and unified as one. Thesection talks about the politic background of the nation and wayspeople were struggling to attain their independence. It also tacklesthe issue that will determine whether the Latinos of the UnitedStates are successfully integrated into the system. It also talksabout the immigrant that comes from different part of the world andis in cooperated into the system. On my view, the section also foughtfor free trade to inhibitors to trade freely with each other thus thesection provides freedom for people to enjoy. Therefore due to whatGonzalez say in this section can be agreed as the harvest. Sincepeople are now enjoying what the invested for a long period(González 316).

Thesection also emphasizes on a critical asset for economic advancementand that foreign-born residents should become a legal citizen, with avoice in the system. It also adds a lot of awareness to the rise ofpolitical thump as well as brings argument over the language. Lastly,it helps one to understand better own individuality as well as shameone may try and make another sensation (González 321)

Accordingto Latino experience in the book “The harvest”, there are manybenefits that Latino will gather or reap. The first one is thefreedom. They will enjoy freedom as another citizen of the UnitedStates. Examples are trade. Initially, trade was not free since theyworked for the colonists but after in cooperated, will be allowed tomove freely trading their goods. Secondly, they will reap language(González 395). Latinos are people who are migrants from Latin.Therefore, they only speak the Latin language. They struggle to havea common language for easy communication and therefore, will be ableto learn English for easy interaction. Thirdly, politically, theywill benefit from the government. After formation of the governmentsystem that will take control the welfare of every individual andrights of every citizen among them. Lastly, they will be able to reapthe rapidly growing economy of the United States (González 400).

Fromthe dialogue of Gonzalez, there are some changes he thinks areimportant for the Latino experience. They include depression andanxiety among the Latino immigrants, discrimination of the Latino onthe native land. Also cultural critical also Gonzalez expresses asone of the changes the Latino should experience. On my opinion, thesechanges are not to be the benefit of the Latino. This is because theytry to undermine them and does not give them freedom as citizens toenjoy their freedom. Such changes, therefore, are of no importance tothe Latino Experience (González 406).


González,Juan. Harvestof Empire.New York: Viking, 2000. Print.