Strategic Staffing Plan


StrategicStaffing Plan

Recruitmentof Country Manager

TechnoWave Company is committed to fair, just, and equitable recruitmentprocess basing it on equal employment opportunities and appointmentsbuilt on the foundation of merit and pros. In seeking to employ andget the most from the employees, Techno Wave Company ensures that thepersonnel has the greater potential towards contributing significantchanges and reformations in the company. It may sound like an obviousrequirement, but the company has chosen to adapt to a well-structuredapproach towards recruitment with the result that the challenge ofgetting the most from employees is stated immediately. As the HumanResource Manager, hiring a general manager for one of the techno WaveCompanies in Europe, here is a presentation of the company`srecruitment process with suitable tools, steps responsibilities, andactions.


Recruitment,Staffing, and Selection

Stageone of the recruitment is an identification of a job vacancy, whichis already identified. A company cannot run well without a generalmanager and therefore with all factors considered, a manager isneeded immediately. Since there is no potential candidate to promoteinternally, external recruitment becomes significant bearing in mindthe risks that are associated with recruitment (Gross,Mallory, Heiat &amp Krumholz, 2002).Job analysis is the second stage, it gives a comprehensiveexplanation of the key responsibilities of the country manager,working environment, and reporting relationships. Job title is thecountry general manager, classified as full-time exempt employeeexecutive department is the Techno Wave Company in Europe.

Thegeneral liability of the country manager would involve a very highlevel of accountability and self-drive. He/she should report directlyto the regional managing director thus qualifying it to be a seniorposition. The manager would be expected to plan, coordinate, anddirect all the operations carried out in the business, divisions, andall the operating units. Others include planning and maintaining allthe procedures and systems to enhance the operation efficiency aswell as managing and overseeing the performance of the staffs toensure optimum performance.

Mainjob tasks, duties, and responsibilities

Thecountry manager will be required to be responsible for managing allthe operations within the state and other branches if need be, todetermine staffing requirements, be wholly involved in the process ofhiring and recruiting staffs, supervision of direct reportingpersonnel according to the policy set by the company. The manager isalso expected to apply strategic planning to determine the business`sgeneral objectives, set employee goals while developing staff tomaximize their potential. The manager is also entitled to monitorstaff performance with the ability to delegate duties to them with anintention of attaining the objectives, allocate the availableresources as he assists the personnel in work progress. He/she isalso expected to evaluate the current business operations andsystems, manage, coordinate financial, and budget activities toensure the smooth running of the enterprise and maximum operationalefficiency. It is also the manager`s responsibility to facilitate theanalysis of either annual, quarterly or half a year report accordingto the company`s policy. He/she should review performance data tomonitor goal process, measure the general productivity, and determinethe activity level (Gross,Mallory, Heiat &amp Krumholz, 2002).The manager will be responsible for the company`s achievements thushe or she should be willing to take the task and have the skillsrequired to achieve the best.

Educationand Experience

Themanager should be a holder of a bachelor’s degree or equivalentqualification, have a comprehensive knowledge of business, managementprinciples, and strategic planning. Knowledge of human resourcemanagement would be vital as well as basic knowledge of economics andaccounting principles and practices. The manager should also beproficient in different and relevant software applications.


Therole of a country manager would require a broad range of skills,which includes competence in judgment, decision-making, informationmanagement, planning, and organizing, ability to analyze and solveproblems, delegate duties, tasks, and responsibilities. The managershould also possess excellent communication skills, able to lead theteam and enhance teamwork, capable of adapting to any situation andability to coach the staffs.


Recruitmentplan is certified documentation and approved by the organizationunit it involves attracting and hiring potential candidates andincludes an applicant pool of women and underrepresented groupsincluding people with disabilities. In addition, the plan consists ofthe channels to be used for advertising. Recruitment plan elementsare as follows:

PostingPeriod:The post remains open for viewing on the career site until it isfilled.

PlacementGoals: Developand approve the performance of the management tools, determine thesalary range, generate a position from approval and submit it to thefinance department for budgeting. Confirm from the office the facultyand staff affirmative action. Additionally, include the outreachefforts to individuals with disabilities and veterans.

AdditionalAdvertising Resources:The company will utilize all the available resources internally andexternally to attract the potential candidates and perform a thoroughsearch through large advertisements before filling the position.

DiversityAgencies: Itis important to contact companies that mostly deal with women and theunder presented groups in the society as a source of talent, formingthe relationship with potential candidates and a pipeline of thesame, as a company, the candidates can understand the staffing needsand the company missions and values.

ResumeBanks: Resumebanks are important sources for identifying qualified applicants, inthese sites, candidates post their resumes, and they serve as animportant place to reach potential applicants.


Whendeveloping selection criteria, it should reflect the keyresponsibilities and accountability of the country manager. Thepotential candidate should demonstrate managerial and leadershipskills through proven ability to manage, having experience inmanaging small teams, demonstrate project management abilities,financial skills, preparation of proposals and knowledge of businesscontracts. The manager should possess high communication skills,demonstrate the capacity to communicate efficiently and clearly,listen and adapt to different audiences.


Trainingand Development

Afterthe identification of the candidate and hiring him/her, training anddevelopment become significant. Being a country manager, adjustments,and flexibility should be part and puzzle of the employee since itinvolves the constant change of work and working environment. For thetraining process to be successful, several factors should be put intoconsiderations, first there should be the orientation that should bedone comprehensively since the first days of work are very crucial todetermine the success of the new manager. Orientation should includethe company history, mission, and vision, introduction of the keymembers of the organization, personnel rules, and regulations. Otherareas are important during training and development. First, trainingon the organization objectives, and training sessions that must beplanned to ensure excellent results. Second is the need forassessment. The new hire should be assessed to identify the mainareas where he or she needs training to be more productive. Third issetting the training objectives that should be in alignment with theneeds determined by the assessment done by the new employee. Fourthis selecting the mode and method of training. Two methods areinvolved, the off -job process that can be done through lectures andfurther studies and on- job method, which can be done when theemployee is carrying on his duties (Klein &amp Weaver, 2000).

Asa resource manager, one of the key responsibilities is to develop thenew staff, encourage growth and career development by coaching andhelp him achieve his personal goal. The organization, as well as theindividual employee, should play the part in the development andtraining process. Organization is bound to provide an environment andright resources meant to support the growth and development needs ofthe new staff (Klein&amp Weaver, 2000).Training and development programs should be effective and efficient,timely and use the available resources strategize and be consistentwith the set goals.

A one-day training plan



Introduction to the company and the working area

Introduce the vision and mission of the company, objectives, countries the country manager should link, all key operational and social areas likely to be visited.

Introducing the country manager to other members of staff

Go through the organization charts and records, while discussing the general roles and responsibilities in general terms and visit the key contacts outwit work area.

Performance Standards

Remind the manager on the specific roles, objectives, goals, and expectations. Review the probation and appraisal process.

Culture of the Work area

The new manager should be aware of the local arrangements with regard to working hours, holidays, and sickness procedures. Other procedures like internet and email usage, transport and parking

Office Systems

Review of how the employee should handle the office, use of computer, office phone, photocopier, and voicemails.

Health and Safety

Health coordinator should take the new employee through some issues pertaining to his safety. They include fire exits, fire alarms, fire evacuation procedure, fire-training arrangements, first-aid arrangements, and other arrangements as required.


For new staff the Probation Policy will apply


Joboffer letter



City,State, Zip Code

DearMr. Brian

TechnoWave Company is pleased to offer you the position of country managerin Europe branch.

Asit was earlier discussed, you will be expected to be responsible forthe managerial support function for the department. The jobdescription attached outlines the kind of duties and responsibilitiesyou are supposed to perform. You are required to report to theRegional Managing Director and your working hours are suppose to be8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday unless advised otherwise. Yourstarting date will be December 3rd2015. The compensation package is an inclusion of a monthly salary of$X, insurance will cover you and your family in health life anddisability. You are also entitled to sick leave, vacation, andpersonal days through our company`s employee benefits plan. Pleaserefer to our Employee Benefits Handbook for more information.

Thejob offer includes a compulsory drug check up which will be arrangedonce you accept the job.

Pleaselet us know whether you have taken the position by signing andupdating this letter below and signing and dating the company`sagreement

Lookingforward to working with you and take the company to the higher level.For any other information or inquiries you can call using the phonenumber provided above



HumanResources Manager

Bysigning and dating this letter, I, Brian, accept this job offer ofcountry manager at Techno Wave Company. Signature: ……………. …………….


Evaluationand Performance Management

Evaluationof the employee performance is crucial to the employer to assess themanager’s contribution to the growth of the organization. Anevaluation form is to be filled by every member of the governing bodyto evaluate the country manager in different areas (Ittner,Lambert &amp Larcker 2003).Performance measurement is marked using the following scales one ispoor, which means the manager rarely meets the expectations, two isbelow average mean that he usually not respond to the expectations.Third, is satisfactory meaning he meets the expected performance.Forth is above average, which means that he exceeds the expectedperformance. Fifth is Excellent, which means his performance is atthe high standard (Ittner,Lambert &amp Larcker, 2003).


EvaluationPeriod: ___ to


__Investsmaximum effort to be diligent and perfectas he performs his duties

___possessesdesirable ability to offer fair and just judgment


___Knowledgeableof current developments in other branches

___Respectedin the management profession


___Implementsgoverning body action by the intent of the management

___Supportsthe actions of the governing body after a decision has been reached,both inside and outside the organization


___respondsand listen to complaints from the citizens


___Recruitsand retains competent personnel for staff positions

___workstowards improving the performance when he identifies any inferences


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