Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy 1

StemCell Therapy

Inthe video Mr. Siddharthan Chandran talks about repairing a damagedbrain. According to the most recent drug developments, Mr. Chandranproposes that stem cells and regenerative neurology can be used toreplace diseased brain cells. To prove its effectiveness, a study isdone on the optic nerve before and after treatment is administered.He also states that this form of medication has impacts onindividuals and society.

Impactof stem cell therapy on individual

Thetherapy is done in an environment that is not regulated so mostpatients usually sustain serious complications arising from thistreatment. This could in the end prove to be life threatening. Stemcells are very powerful by nature. During transplanting a wrong cellcould be transplanted. This cell may continue to grow and may finallydevelop into a tumor. Other impacts of the stem cell therapy include,infections, which come about due to the low count in white bloodcells and the weakened immune system. Bleeding occurs as a result ofintensive therapies and also due to conditioning. Feelings of nausea,constant fatigue and vomiting also come as side effects.

Impacton society

Thesociety is impacted in such a way that, lack of assuredness of apatient getting well, results in hopelessness among family membersand people who relate to the sick person directly. Mr. Chandran usesJohn as an example and we can clearly see his suffering. It is anexpensive process so it imposes poverty on society in trying to raisemoney for medication.


StemCell therapy has been effective in treating other diseases like thenervous system. A little more research on the process will createscientific proof of its effectiveness. There is an urgent needtherefore to develop therapies that are built on strong scientificevidences. There is hope in stem cell therapy as stated by Mr.Chandran.