Solutions to the problem Solutions


Solutions to the problem


There are a number of solutions to the problem of health costs inthe United States. Research has indicated that the main solution hasbeen insurance, both private and public insurance policies. However,it is also clear that the insurance has failed to provide thenecessary reprieve to patients in terms of health costs. One of thesolutions to the healthcare costs in America is to have a healthinsurance program that covers the most catastrophic and costlymedical costs (Rooney &amp Perrin, 2014). This would make t similarto other forms of insurance such as property insurance where theinsurer will pay for catastrophic damages such as fire but not payfor a broken pane. As it is of today, the insurance covers in Americacan only cover individuals up to certain costs. Americans who haveinsurance policies are forced to pay for extra medical costs whichare not paid by the insurance.

The second solution to the American healthcare cost problem is theaspect of prevention. As the old adage goes, prevention is betterthan cure. Most of the serious ailments in America today are as aresult poor diets. Diseases such as obesity, heart conditions,diabetes and some forms of cancer are as a result of poor diets. Theabove mentioned diseases are some of the most common diseases thatare costly to treat (Rooney &amp Perrin, 2014). It is thereforeessential for Americans to avoid diets which can lead to theseailments in order to avoid the expensive health costs. It is worthnoting that insurance companies will pay for treatment of diseaseswhich are less costly to treat.

Background for the selection of these solutions and expertopinions

There are numerous cases of people and families who have gonebankrupt in the US as a result of healthcare costs. One such familyin New Jersey had the mother in the house diagnosed with brainaneurism which started as a normal headache. The family was coveredby a private health insurer and they worried little about the healthcost. However, the family ended up bankrupt with a debt of $650,000(Rooney &amp Perrin, 2014). It is worth noting that this was afterthe insurance paid its share of the cost. This is an indication thatthere needs to be a system of insurance that can pay for catastrophicailments that are likely to plunge families into the deep sea ofbankruptcy. Information from research and literature indicate thatthe majority of illnesses in America are related to the diet that thepeople take. Health experts have pointed out to foods with enormousof cholesterol, foods rich in carbohydrates, as well as behaviorssuch as smoking leading to numerous diseases which are costly totreat (Rooney &amp Perrin, 2014). For instance, smoking is one ofthe major causes of lung cancer. It goes without mention that canceris one of the most expensive diseases to treat today and this hasplunged many families into bankruptcy. It is clear that these arediseases which can be prevented and or avoided through properlifestyles hence reducing the health costs.

Implementation of the solutions

The government has a major role to play in designing policies andlaws that will govern the health insurance industry. There is need tohave legislation that regulates the health insurance and that clearlystipulates that the insurer must pay for catastrophic diseases whichrequire enormous costs. The public and the private health insurersmust also play their part in ensuring that their policies cover forthe most expensive ailments (Rooney &amp Perrin, 2014). There isalso the role of the employers. The employers must ensure that theemployees pay for their own health insurance. This will go a long wayin ensuring that the employees are aware of the insurance prices andthe ailments that can be covered.

In terms of prevention, the government and the health industry mustencourage the people to stick to healthy diets and lifestyle in orderto reduce the occurrence of some of the most expensive diseases totreat in America (Rooney &amp Perrin, 2014). The nurses have a roleto play in informing their patients of some of the best foods andlifestyles that would reduce occurrence of certain diseases. Thegovernment should use it machinery and financial power to advertisethrough newspapers, televisions and radios the need for healthyeating.

Nurses specific roles

There are specific roles that the nursing industry can play inmaking these solutions a reality. The nursing body in America canpresent a bill to parliament seeking the restructuring of the healthinsurance system to be paying for the most expensive health costs.Additionally, the nursing industry can also embark of campaigns forhealthy living through seminars (Rooney &amp Perrin, 2014). Thiswould enlighten the members of the public about the variouslifestyles that can lead ailments. Previous literature has indicatedthat the nurse play a pivotal role in the promotion of public health.Nurses not only treat their patients, but they also give them adviceon the various eating habits and lifestyles that promote health(Rooney &amp Perrin, 2014). It is clear that the nurses are aware ofthe challenges in the healthcare system of the US. Cost of health isone of them and they therefore should always encourage their patientsto avoid the ailments rather treating them.


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