Simulation Technology in Nursing


Technology continues to change the nursing learning environment. Theheath care industry is one of the fastest in adopting newtechnologies. In an article dubbed Simulating Care:Technology-Meditated Learning in Twenty-First Century NursingEducation, Diener, and Hobbs lay insight on the use of simulationnursing education. In the article, the authors explore the questionsraised by the use simulation in teaching nursing students. Contraryto the conventional claim that simulation technology isolates nursingstudents from the actual practice, it does not negate care andisolation (Diener &amp Hobbs, 2012). It makes it possible forstudents to develop interaction through practice before entering intothe actual work environment. The findings of the article, however,find that simulation technology should not be overused for nursingeducation. Educators should use it for introducing students to a newtopic follow by a consequent interaction with patients in a realenvironment.

The reason for choosing this article is because some professionalshave questioned the isolation that simulation creates between thestudents and patients. The article emphasizes that the simulationtechnology bears good fruits when used alongside actual practice inthe work environment. As the authors put it, simulation reduces therisks on patients’ safety since students can make mistakes duringsimulation and refine their skills before interacting with patients(Diener &amp Hobbs, 2012).

The simulation technology is instrumental in nursing education. Someof the processes that nursing entails repeated practices. Simulationenables students to learn, practice, and repeat procedures. It helpsin correcting mistakes and tunes their skills, and this reduces thecompromise of patients’ safety. To ensure that simulation risks inthe desired outcomes, there is a need for nursing institutions toprovide sufficient resources and personnel coupled with exposingstudents to the ideal patient environment.


Diener, E., &ampHobbs, N. (2012). Simulating Care: Technology‐MediatedLearning in Twenty‐FirstCentury Nursing Education. Nursing forum, 47 (1), 34-38).