Silver lining playbook

Silverlining playbook

Iwould have liked to be Pat’s father Robert De Niro, The kind ofsupport he gives his son is outstanding. He blames himself for Patscondition and tries to make amend this is demonstrated when he usesEagle games as a rallying point to get his son to bond with him. Thetrust Pats father has on his son is amazing. This is demonstratedwhen he send his son in person to watch Eagles game all by himself.He tells Pat that he trusts him (Weitzman2013).

Pat`sfather reacts positively to his son’s behavior. He also believesthat he is the cause of his son’s woes. He holds blame for notbeing there for his son and tries to make amend. Pat’s fatherrelationship with his son is based on the addiction to betting andgambling (Cooper24).Pat’s mother is depicted as having an active mind. She believes hisson will get over his condition soon. She takes a risk to bring hisson at home. She is depicted as comfort food cooking, caring andalways concerned about Pat’s well-being.

Theauthor uses sports as an alternative therapy for Pat’s illness. Theauthor also uses sport as a metaphor in the film. Pat is convincedthat in one day he will reunite with his wife His father uses sportsto keep Pat’s thoughts occupied by sports. Pat Snr has an obsessivecompulsive disorder he is addicted to gambling and some beliefs suchas arranging remotes in a certain way for them to bring good luck(Cooper31).The author uses sports to depict his addiction.

Obsessionssay a lot about someone’s health. They can be used as a symptom ofa mental illness. Obsession can also be used as a measure of recoveryin mentally ill people. Although excessive passion can lead toobsessive compulsive disorder, they can also be used to keep amentally ill person from unwanted thoughts. Obsession can lead toself-improvement of personal traits and management.

Dancinghelps Pat cope with the thoughts that his wife will come back.Dancing makes Pat more committed hence less concerned to the thoughtsthat he was left behind by his wife. Dancing also enables Pat todiscover his talent. It made life simpler than it was before hestarted dancing. Dancing also helps Pat adapt to the reality that iswife will never return.

Pat’smother tries to show Pat compassion and love. This seems to work whenhe tells Pat to move in with them(Weitzman 2013).Pat’s mom is so caring to the point that she can’t allow Pat outon his own. Tiffany employs love and also tries to make Pat obsessedwith dancing that seems to work. Tiffany tries to distract Pat’sattention by making sure that Pat does not reunite with his formerwife, Nikki. She even goes overboard to write Pat letters claimingthat they were from Nikki.

Themovie provokes a broad range of emotions from the onset. Viewers assubjected to challenges faced by families and relatives that arefaced with a mental illness condition in one of their family members.The movie also portrays how mentally ill people are subjected tounfair treatment from the society. The movie also subjects the viewerto the emotional side of a mentally sick person. Tiffany is sufferingfrom a disorder that is not specified when her husband passes away.This provokes emotional condition to the viewer. The movie alsosubjects the viewer to joyful emotion when Pat and Tiffany dancetogether. The film is also full of human especially Pat and hisFather, they seem to agree and disagree openly. They are humorous towatch. Pat is also a funny guy he causes his audience in joy. Themovie end when Pat and Tiffany are holding hands after he dances.


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