Should there be Laws and Rules on Gun Control


Shouldthere be Laws and Rules on Gun Control

Themajor components of critical thinking include rationality,self-awareness, and open-mindedness. Rationality implies that aperson relies on a certain reason instead of emotion in making aconclusion concerning a given argument. In this case, individualsfollow evidence and are guided by evidence in reaching to a givenconclusion. Alternatively, self-awareness is an important componentof critical thinking since it helps in an individual to weigh theinfluence of bias and motives. Also, self-awareness helps anindividual in recognizing his or her own prejudices, assumptions, andbiases. It is out of an individual’s point of view that anindividual reaches his/her conclusion concerning an argument.Open-mindedness is crucial in critical thinking because it helps inevaluating all reasonable inferences in an argument. Also,open-mindedness helps an individual in considering possibleperspectives. Therefore, open-mindedness helps an individual to makea conclusion of a given argument by weighing different perspectivesin an argument.

Inreaching a conclusion as to whether there should be laws and rules ongun control, these components of critical thinking can be applied.For example, one can support the idea of having rules and laws on guncontrol based on the reason that lack of rules and laws on guncontrol may result in uncontrolled deaths of innocent victims sinceguns may be used anyhow by individuals. The same conclusion may bereached based on the perspective of an individual that lack of rulesand laws on gun control can be dangerous since there would beinstability in social order. Alternatively, when making a conclusionregarding the issue of gun control, an individual will need to weighthe alternatives of having laws on gun control and lack of laws toregulate the use of guns.


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