Senior Year


SeniorYear for me was a dream come true. I had anticipatorily lookedforward to the graduation day. It was the year I would unleash myfull potential and bring out the best in me. I would be at thefrontline in pushing for positive change in the school and impactsociety on a macro level. Everyone one around me could not help butnotice my esctatic and jovial mood.

Myfriends and I had worked so hard in the previous years and the factthat we all succeeded in getting to senior year at the same time waswonderful. My plan is to unleash my passion for environmentalconservation. In conjunction with the school’s environment club, Iwill steer a movement on keeping the environment clean. Most studentsdon’t have money to give to help in environmental conservacy, butthey have a lot of time and energy that they would gladly offer(John, 2014). It is this resource that I will tap into and bringtangible transformation to our environment.

Muchconsideration had been given in shooting my prestige portraits forthe graduation. A picture of open books with images of tall greentrees would act as my background. It created an ambiance of peace andtranquility.This signified that it is the most literate people thatshould campaign vehemently for environmental conservation. Thistreasurable memory gladened my heart because I knew I was on a noblecourse that would transform the society and even the world. It is forthis reason that senior year is a relish to me. I have to achieveboth educational and conservational excellence.


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