Self Evaluation


  1. Explain the level of comfort she felt when viewing the speech? Why does she feel this way?

Sheseems to be uncomfortable at the onset of the first part of thepresentation. She breathes rapidly and appears to lose her words inthe process, and that is a clear indicator that she was not wellprepared for the presentation. However, all that changes once she iscorrected by the moderator and shown what needs to be improved. Inthe second take, she delivers as expected and seems to be moreconfident.

  1. How well did her physical and verbal delivery help communicate her message? Was the delivery appropriate for the setting? Comment on clarity, vocal variety and other delivery elements.

Thepresenter seems to be missing from the presentation physically andseems detached from what they are saying. Their verbal cues do notappear to match the message that they hope to pass across, and thatmay make one not believe their message. They needed to have beenphysically involved in the message by incorporating the verbal cueswith other material aspects such as hand movements. There was clarityin the message since one understood what was being discussed and shegives aspects of tonal variation and that helped her deliver themessage especially in the second part of the message.

  1. How well regarding vividness, style, and appropriateness did she use language? How well did she achieve appropriate presentation style?

Sheis well versed in the use of language to be able to deliver hermessage since she is quite clear about what she is saying despitethat there are some aspects of fear in her. She can own the languageand use it appropriately to pass on the message and that enables herto deliver on the presentation style by ensuring that all she says isbacked by language. Her style of language use is one that ensuresthat all parts of spoken language adhere to such as avoiding mixingtenses

  1. Do you think the body of the speech was easy for the audience to follow? Why of why not? Were your points as strong in presentation as she perceived them to be in the presentation?

Thespeech was all about how to market websites and how to make themstand out from other websites in search engines. The message of thespeech was relatively easy for one to follow especially if they havesome knowledge in the field of search engine optimization, but itwould be a new thing for those not used to aspects of websitemarketing. The points in the presentation were as strong as one wouldhave perceived them to be since they were brought out quite clearly.

  1. What grade would you give her? Why?

Consideringall parts of the presentation, I would award her 7 out of a possibleten. That is because she can learn very fast and deliver as expectedand that is above board. She is also able to project the voice andimport other cues to help her carry the message.

  1. What does she plan to work on for future presentations?

Shehas to work on her confidence such that she can overcome the fear ofpublic speaking that was quite apparent in the first part if thepresentation. She also needs to work on her understanding and masteryof the subject such that she can explain it well to the audience.


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