Self-care among health workers

Self-careamong health workers

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Itis true that all people are the same and all bodies react andfunction the same but our daily occupations determine our level ofactiveness and how far one is willing to go to maintain a given levelof spiritual, mental and emotional strength. Nurses and medicalofficers are the ones who fall victims to this nature in life, theyare expected to be ready and active at all time in order to provideoptimum and efficient duties. With all the responsibilities andobligations vested on them fatigue is not an option. For this reasoncare givers must be provide care for themselves personal in order toprovide good care for others, through diet, relaxing their mind andfinding time to interact with other people (Chepman, 2007).

Totake common exercises to increase their strength at work as longworking hours also make the nurse or any other medical officer tired,this way he or she cannot administer his/her services properly to thepatient and by so doing he puts the life of the patient and his/hersin danger. Even though people assume that they do not need spiritualintervention (Chepman, 2007). Being spiritually healthy is asimportant as physical health, the nurses are advised to take theirtime to bond with God or Allah depending on their religion to cleartheir heads, and they can hence give words of hope to the patientsand also to themselves (Chepman, 2007). Lastly, emotional healthincludes the body, mind and soul. Mental stimulation is alwaysrequired by any medical practitioner in order for him/her to removetrauma experiences from his/her mind and be able to recover fullyfrom such unwanted energy the nurse must watch his/her emotionalhealth (Chepman, 2007).


Thehealth of a human must come first at all cost and in order for thisto happen, the people mandated to take care of the patients mustalways be at 100% active mind, body and soul.


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