Security Architecture for Microsoft Windows Server

SecurityArchitecture for Microsoft Windows Server

SecurityArchitecture for Microsoft Windows Server

Informationtechnology is being used by many companies to meet the consumerneeds. For instance, to ensure that quality products are producedcreativity and innovation is embraced. It is the role of the toplevel management to ascertain that information technology is beingused for the benefit of the companies and for the need of customers.Information Technology goes hand in hand with management and thus themanagement has to be aware of IT programs that are in place. Securitymeasures must be considered when using information technologysystems. The paper aims to analyze the current windows serversecurity protocols, models and architecture. It further seeks todiscuss the implementation system usage, the advantage of windowsserver and vulnerabilities. Lastly it will discuss the differencesbetween windows server 2008 and 2012.


Oneof the security protocols that are associated with windows server2016 is a feature termed as Just Enough Administration which wasintroduced in 2014. The Just Enough Administration is a feature thatgives the administrator restrictions on certain specific tasks whenusing the windows server 2016. It is imperative that some programscannot be accessed if the administrator does not allow one to use themachine. This is a security feature that plays an integral part inensuring that some of the programs cannot be accessed and thus theyare restricted only to be used by the administrator. The secondsecurity protocol of windows server 2016 is that it uses HTTP/2 (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) which is a standardized version thatis used by worldwide web as a method of transferring internet. TheHTTP/2 in combination with Internet Information Server 10.0 has afeature that denies services for the purpose of protection (Davies,2008). The features like header compression, data flow control andthe protocol block denies the user accessibility of network. Thesecurity protocol, does not consider weak login details but it isconcerned with web protection. It is obvious that the hackers andother cybercrimes will be monitored by this feature and thus cases ofcyber crimes and hacking can be reduced by the windows server 2016.

Thethird security protocol of windows server 2016 is that it has inbuiltwindows defender that has been installed even when the system is notuser friendly. This is an indication that data security is a concernto the current window server (Davies, 2008). The machine is protectedand thus negative consequences cannot be experienced. The malwarethat destroys the files are detected and disabled by the windowsdefender and thus the files are safe when windows server is beingused. Some malwares are notorious and they go to an extent of makingwindow server not to access internet which is solved by the HTTP/2.The last security protocol is a well-built authentication optionsince the window server allows single sign- in. it indicates that twousers cannot sign- in to the system and thus plays a major role inensuring that security is granted for individual who work in placeslike banks. Hacking of system has resulted to loss of million dollarsin the developed countries which is as a result of system beinghacked.

Modelsand architecture with its implementation

Themodel and architecture of windows server 2016 is designed in a waythat its window incorporates Linux and another window which is termedas windows container. Additionally it incorporates other featureslike command line interface (CLI) which is also used in Microsoftwindow. The current windows serve has borrowed ideas from otherwindows and thus it is an interactive and effective window. TheDocker engine is one of the model architecture for the windowsserver. The Docker engine has a Docker command tool like the one inthe visual studio 2015 which removes the unwanted parts.It alsouses containers and hyper-v containers. Windows server 2016 has alightweight container known as windows server containers and theother is hyper-v container.

Windowssever containers uses the operating system kernel, it is architecturethat enables the machine to start up faster. It is imperative thatthe random memory will execute a command very fastdue to thekernel operating system. It also enables efficient packaging which isa model architecture which has the capability to run the containersto the host machine. The containers play an integral role of makingsure that local data is shared and an API that isolates the level ofcontainer with each other. The architecture contributes to lessersecurity due to the isolation of the containers. The window servercontainers are used for performance and also for efficiency. Thehyper-v containers are the best feature due to virtual machines andthe containers. Each container has a windows kernel and a memorywhich helps in offering better isolation and improved security levelsthan that one of the windows server containers. The containers aresecure based on the fact that it interacts together with the hostoperating system. When both the windows serve containers and hyper-vcontainers are compatible they work efficiently and thus betterperformance.


Oneof the advantages of windows server 2016 that uses the Docker andhyper-v containers has a direct storage space that improves thesystem. The high storage capacity helps for high volume of data andother graphics that are used by the system. The low volume capacityof machines does not meet the need of the customers due to thestorage of enormous data. The next advantage is the improvement ofthe security. For example, the hackers who post threats to the userscannot access the windows server 2016 since it can protect theinternet web and thus they cannot access the internet withoutoffering the required protection details. Security is a major concernto individuals and to the companies based on the fact they havechallenges due to security challenges. The access of two users tologin to the windows server is not allowed for the security purposeswhich are experienced in the financial institutions.

Thethird advantage of windows server 2016 is virtualization.Virtualization plays a significant role in ensuring that otherhardware platforms can be added to improve the machines if needarise. Since windows server 2016 has the virtualization featureother operating systems can be added to the system for improvements.The storage devices and network resources are a major concern to themachines and the need of these features depends on the need of theindividual and the routines that are conducted. For instance, highcapacity data storage depends on the daily transactions that areconducted and thus one can expand the storage capacity depending onthe need. The next advantage is capability of sharing files andrunning of other applications like the SQL server that are used inlarge and small business.


Basedon the fact that windows server has the capability of securing thewebsites it makes it possible to reduces cases of hacking and othercyber crime related issues. The vulnerabilities of viruses andmalwares that are transmitted by file sharing are common to all theoperating systems. Even if the windows server has the window defenderto protect the data which is an inbuilt program it is obvious thatsome malwares can get access to the machine. It is important to makesure that the files that are shared are scanned since many of thedata are shared by the use of USB devices. The other vulnerability isthe use of the emails which is the most modern method of transmittingviruses and other security threats. The Trojans and other worms areactivated when the emails are shared making it impossible for windowsserver 2016 to detect it and disable the worms (Held, 2012). This isa threat which is dangerous to the entire machines since it cancollapse it, and result to loss of data which is hard to retrieve.The other vulnerability is the remote access. When individuals try toaccess systems in the remote areas the system is open to hackers andthus it is important to consider remote areas so that it can beprotected from hackers.

Differencesbetween server 2008 and 2012

Oneof the differences that exist between windows server 2008 and windowsserver 2012 is the speed of executing programs due to high RAMcapacity of windows server 2012 since it has 1 terabit in terms ofspeed while windows server 2008 has 64GB and a virtual processor of64GB and 4 GB respectively. It indicates that for the machine toexecute programs fast it needs powerful processors. Additionally,windows server 2012 supports features like DHCP Guard, router guard,extension monitoring and IP address rewrite among others which arenot supported by windows server 2008. The next difference betweenwindows server 2008 and windows server 2012 is the storage features.For instance, windows server 2008 does not have live storagemigration while windows server 2012 has live storage migration whichhas no limit. The hardware of windows server 2012 allows the storage.

Windowsserver 2012 has virtual machines that are used for the storage offiles while windows server 2008 does not have the virtual machine.Windows server 2012 has the capability of securing data that istransferred while 2008 does not have such features. When it comes tomanageability windows server 2012 has hyper-v powerShell, network,and storage powerShell while windows server 2008 does not have suchfeatures (Held, 2012). Additionally, windows server 2012 has theenable/disable shell which makes it easily manageable while windowsserver 2008 does not incorporate such features.

Furthersecurity improvements

Furtherimprovements that can be made to improve the security features is tocome up with slots that can detect only one USB so that data can beprotected from malwares and viruses. It is imperative that when USBdevices are used in transferring of data it risks the machines sincethere are some viruses which are not detected and they get in to themachine (Davies, 2008). The other improvement which can be made is tocome up with original software that will not be used by second usersbut will allow only a single user to void the issues of simplifiedlicensing. When a new window is developed chances are that when oneuser buys the window gets access to many users since it can be sharedand thus it is important to come up with singer user’s window thatcannot be cracked easily.


Technologyis advancing and more complex operating systems are being developed.It is important for companies like Microsoft to consider theend-users since the operating systems should be user –friendly andinteractive to the end-users. The graphical user interfaces are bestwhen developing operating systems since the command operating systemsmakes hard for individual to use the machines. Genuine operatingsystems are recommended based on the fact that some of operatingsystems when installed in computers usually pop-up a messageindicating that the operating system is not genuine. It is the roleof the government to ensure that all the companies that are concernedwith software’s are licensed to avoid cases of piracy.

Allthe stakeholders who are concerned with technology should embraceteamwork so that they can be creative and innovative since they canshare ideas. Security is a major concern and when the systems arebeing established it is important to consider security due toincreased cases of hacking and other cyber related crimes. Storage isthe next issue which is paramount when coming up with the systemssince many clients need high storage features.


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