Same Sex Marriage


Same sex marriage has been legalized in America, which is a relieffor many same sex couples. However, they continue to face challengesin other aspects of laws that have not changed, like in the issue ofadoption.

The discussion compares as well as contrasts same sex marriage andtheir right to adopt. Further, is the discussion on if the coupleshould adopt jointly or as single parents.

The comparison is that both sources support individuals in a samesex marriage should be allowed to adopt children. The article “Poll:Majority of Americans Support Adoption by Same-Sex Couples” and“Equality in Marriage may not Bring Equality in Adoption”presents arguments that demonstrate support for same sex couplesadopting children. Both sources note that individuals in a same sexmarriage should be allowed the same right to adopt as forheterosexual couples. In addition, the articles note that there hasbeen an increase in acceptance that couples from the same gendershould be legally allowed to adopt.

Despite support for same sex couples adopting children, the articlespresent differing views on if the couples should adopt jointly or assingle parents. In “Poll: Majority of Americans Support Adoption bySame-Sex Couples” Kellaway presents a discussion, which results inthe conclusion that “same-sex couples to jointly adopt children”.Contrary, in the article “Equality in Marriage may not BringEquality in Adoption” Giambrone makes it clear that joint adoptionfor couples in a same sex marriage is yet to be accepted in somestates. The article presents the illustration of a couple fromMichigan in the process of adopting, but has been compelled to adoptas single parents. The article makes it clear that despite thepossible ruling on same sex marriage in all states equality in issueslike joint adoption will take time to become accepted.

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