Sales Calls Relationship

SalesCalls Relationship

Salescalls assigned to DeLand Merchants

Sales calls involve aface-to-face interaction between the salesperson and the customer todiscuss the purpose of generating a sale. Since selling involvespersonal contact, there is a need to ensure an effective customerrelationship (Guiltman,2010). Apromotional strategy normally occurs through face-to-face meetings orvia sales calls conversation. However, in today’s businessenvironment, use of modern technology has increased the efficiency inenhancing good customer to sales person relationship. Through the useof the internet, the merchandisers are capable of reaching thecustomers and also having an effective mode of communication andacquiring immediate feedback by use of videos conferences and onlinetext messaging.


For Deland Merchants to ensureappropriate relationship calls, there is a need to do a pre-approachplanning and develops a schedule for all the team members bidders.Benefits, attributes and features of every customer also need to beanalyzed in prioritizing the players in the merchandise. The teammembers that needs to be analyzed here include Luana: Tonyâs,Sportsanity &amp Rachelâs, and Bender: Sanderâs, Boston &ampRodeo.


Hatter can effectively sell itsfeatures and benefits through intensive marketing. The firm shouldmake use of the modern technology to market their product andservices both manually and online. The firm should also ensure goodcustomer relation by putting the customers’ needs and wants in thefront line. They should also ensure that they provide high-qualityproduct and services to satisfy the needs and wants of their currentand potential customer.

The fact that firms are operatingin a competitive word has made Hatter also to further its competitivestrategies. Even if the organization has dominated the market, theyshould realize that success creates its euphoria and it is notpermanent. For the firm to sustain its high performance and maintainthe market share, they should continue investing intensively in themarketing strategies. The firm should also ensure good and effectiverelationship calls.

Sales calls are the main activityin enhancing the buyer-seller relationship (Guiltman,2010). In acrossthe country, marketing jobs are the most employed in sales positions.Through personal selling, the sellers are capable of enhancing andupholding an effective customer-seller relationship. Personalselling involves a promotional relationship between two parties(salesperson and the customer), and it involves the application ofskills and techniques for building personal relationships. The mainaim of these relationships is to create value for the customers. Inmost firms, value creation is realized through financial compensationof the sale the value creation to the buyers/customer is realizedfrom the benefit derived from using the product or service.

However, firms should realizepersonal selling is not only meant to persuade the customer inpurchasing the product/service but also to provide the customer withmore information of the product/service and how it will benefit themas well as its features.

Customerissues and concern

A successful marketing plan isnot should always value the feedback of the customers before andafter the sales. Firms enhance good customer relationship byproviding after-sale services such as free delivery, installation,and even assembling. It is important to enquire for the customers’feedback whether positive or negative. It is through customers’feedback that will enable the firms in improving their services andensure more value creation to their customers. This will help increating a competitive advantage for the firm.


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