Rubin Art Museum

RubinArt Museum

Inour outing to the Rubin Museum of Art, I went to view their artgallery that impressed me a lot. There are a couple of art picturesthat impressed me a lot some art pictures inspired me. I am going totalk about the art that impressed me there are three art picturesthat impressed me these are namely-





Thestrong feeling you get when looking at the great piece of work theoracles attire poses, I was impressed by just looking at it. The wayit is crafted explains how Mongolian shaman was great designers suchMarvel would make one want to travel to Asia as soon as possible andexplore their culture. The design shows how it is splendidly detailedand expressive the costume is, I was more fascinated by the fact itwas made from wood. The head gear has banners around it, a smallskull and abreast plate. From my research, the costume was mainlymade from silk, leather, feathers and cotton. One major thing thatreally inspires is the craftsmanship that makes you appreciateculture and the history we have in our world(Rubin,1984).


Thebhalrava is the form in which Shiva takes when wrathful, the idolrepresents the one of the Hindu gods. The sculpture has ten arms andfive heads which to date are intact. From the research done she ismainly associated with annihilation. The attention-grabbing thingabout the sculpture is that she is one of other million plus gods inHinduism and also its noticed that she holds a snake on the right anda ring on the left. The reason I was inspired by the sculpture wasbecause about human beings people change to their worst when theyhave been wronged. For example, the First idol with two arms showsShiva in her normal form. In the 2nd idol shows when Shiva is angryand full of wrath. Even though Hinduism is not considered a religionbut a way of life by some the sculpture depicts how their way of lifeis diverse(Rubin,1984).


Itis said that having stress can be caused by the environment.Therefore, it means that the environment can either increase yourstress or reduce your stress. What you feel or see can determine yourmood at any is clear that nature heals, for example beingin a place that gives you a piece of mind or comfort. The lomanthangis one of the places that seems to suite someone who just wants torelieve himself. The great scenery, landscape and the ancient templesum it all of how the lomanthang is a beautiful place to go.Lomanthang is inspiring just because of what it offers and thepicture by looking at it gives the desire to visit the place. Theland has a history in the form of the ancient temples that are foundthere. There’s a term called Nature deprivation which means lack oftime in the natural world. In our era where technology has advanced alot, most people spend their time on computer screens and televisionthat leads to depression. The picture says that we need to discoverthe world and there’s more to life than what technology brings tous(Rubin,1984)


It’sevident we need to appreciate the things that the world has to offer.We are only alive for a short while the world has more to offer ifwe open our eyes. The world is also diverse with a lot of culturesthat are very interesting these cultures need to be exploited verywell.


Rubin,W. (Ed.). (1984). &quotPrimitivism&quot in 20th century art: affinity of the tribal and themodern(Vol. 1). New York: Museum of Modern Art.