Review Quiz




Accordingto the federal government’s National Intimate Partner and SexualViolence Survey of 2010, how prevalent is rape among men and women inthe U.S. population?

The survey found that 18 percent of women and 1 percent of men reported being raped.


Accordingto the textbook, which of the following is an example of rape? Chooseall that apply.

A man has intercourse with a woman who is incapacitated by alcohol or drugs.

A male child has sex with a female teacher but he says that the sex was not against his will.


Accordingto your textbook, research shows which of the following to be a majorrisk factor for experiencing intimate partner violence? Choose allthat apply.

A couple with a low amount of economic security.

A relationship that involves drug and alcohol abuse.

Women who have just left an abusive relationship


Data onchild abuse and neglect cases show that the majority of cases, theperpetrator is

The victim’s father.



Dominiqueis a recently divorced woman in her 30s who experienced some intimatepartner violence during her previous marriage. According to research,what might Dominique’s experiences with future intimaterelationships be like after experiencing intimate partner violence?

After experiencing abuse, her odds of establishing a long-term stable relationship are lower.


Emilio andRamona have been in a relationship for four years. During most of thetime they have been together they have had arguments that escalate tophysical violence, mostly against Ramona, as Emilio tries to controlmuch of her life. During the last year the fights have gotten moresevere and there have been a few serious injuries to Ramona as aresult of this violence. Emilio belittles Ramona and threatens tohurt her if she dares leave him. This situation illustrates which ofthe four principle patterns of violence?

Intimate terrorism.


In additionto physical violence, child abuse and neglect can also occur whenparents __.&nbsp Choose all that apply.

Fail to take their children to the doctor

Leave their young children unattended

Fail to take their children to school


Researchshows that 11 percent of the elderly have reported experiencingmistreatment or neglect with the most common experiences beingneglect and

Emotional abuse.


Researchshows that which of the following groups of children are most likelyto experience child abuse? Choose all that apply.

Children who have a weak support network.

Children who live with parents with mental health problems.

Children who live in poor families or poor neighborhoods.


The steepdecline in the rate of family violence since the 1990s may beexplained in part by which of the following? Choose all that apply.

An increase in shelters and hotlines made it easier for women to gain protection from abuse.

Women’s increased economic independence made it easier for them to leave an abuser.

The greater acceptance of divorce has made it easier for women to leave abusers.

There are fewer cohabitating and married adults, which has reduced the number of people exposed to abusers.


Theresa andBill have been married for seven years. During their marriage theyhave had some occasional arguments that have resulted in physicalviolence. This situation illustrates which of the four principalpatterns of violence?

Common couple violence


Violencewithin families is complicated by the relationship between victimsand perpetrators. These are __ relationships in which oneperson is responsible for another’s __.

Intimate: care


What doesresearch suggest about the lifetime experience of intimate partnerviolence for gay men and lesbians compared to heterosexuals?

Lesbian and heterosexual women are both more likely to experience intimate partner violence compared to both gay and straight men, though about one-third of lesbians report the abuse was perpetrated by a male partner.


When Blacksand Whites in similar social settings are compared, what has researchshown regarding the rate of domestic violence in the two groups?

The rates are virtually the same.


Which ofthe following is an example of the most common type of relationship awoman has with her attacker in the case of rape?

A woman is assaulted by her boyfriend of nine years whom she was engaged to.


Which ofthe following is the most common reason why intimate partner violentcrime is not reported to the police?

The victim fears reprisal or getting the offender in trouble


Which ofthe following is true about the Convention on the Rights of theChild? Choose all that apply.

It is the world’s most widely accepted human rights treaty.

Opposition to it shows how definitions of child abuse have evolved over time and across cultures.



Which ofthe following situations are examples of intimate partner violence?Choose all that apply.

Two brothers have a heated argument in their home that ends with one hitting the other.

A teenage boy threatens to hit his girlfriend during an argument at school but does not hit her.

A wife slaps her husband when she finds out he has been unfaithful to her.


Which ofthe following statements reflects the feminist perspective regardingrape and the frequency of rape?

The frequency of rape is enough that it constitutes a structural part of male domination


While theterm domesticviolencehas been used the longest to refer to any violence in families, it isless commonly used now. Among feminists, the term __ is nowused instead to refer to intimate partner violence.

Violence against women


Why doesthe feminist perspective on the causes of violence against womensuggest that male domination is the most important thing to consider?Choose all that apply.

Research has shown that the more unequal women are compared to men in a society the society more likely men are to be violent toward women.

Since intimate partner violence is always directed toward women, it follows that male domination can be understood as the cause.

Research has shown that men are more likely to use violence when their partners are economically dependent on them.

Because men have more power in the economy, the political system, and the family, they are able to commit violence against women to achieve their ends.


Why is thesexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church a good example forunderstanding how male domination contributes to sexual abuse? Chooseall that apply.

The abuse took place inside of a male-dominated institution that had assumed caring responsibility for many of the victims.

The religious authority of the perpetrators, who must be male, was used to maintain power over victims.

A majority of priests in the Church were found to be perpetrators, showing how easily male domination and authority can lead one to abuse this power.


Why wasforcible sex between husband and wife not considered to be rape untilvery recently?

Wives were presumed to have consented to sex for their entire lives at the moment of their marriage.


__employ a specially trained staff that take a problem-solving approachto family violence as opposed to a more punitive one.

Domestic violence courts