Response to Nyra


Responseto Nyra

Itis indeed true that any social being living in this large socialworld deserves love and an assurance of belonging to close circlesmostly of immediate family members, close relatives or friends. Thisis because it is impossible for one to live as loners by themselves.Separations from loved ones or limited social circles may lead toloneliness making one feel unloved and not belonging. Advancement inage also brings the feeling as with time kids grow up going their wayand leaving their parents. Withdrawal from people is unhealthy henceadvisable that one forms close circles for comfort as well asindulging themselves in some form of activities to keep them busy.Such people tend to be demotivated and unsatisfied by everythingaround them, and are always unhappy and lost deep in thought.

Creatingstrong bonds and building close networks is essential in that theyhelp an individual feel the love. Such are essential in that theindividual finds themselves sharing common interests with people theyclosely relate to hence feel the love, warmth and belonging. This isnot only health for their physical being but mental state as well aswithdrawal and lonesome can throw one into stress and depression.Isolation brings one closer to their death hence regarded as acapital form of punishment in exile (Wilcocket al., 2015).

Foreignplaces may make one feel out of place as they may even be rejectedand isolated depending on a number of factors such as race, culture,religion among many others hence one should wisely choose theirdestinations to avoid such. According to (Wilcocket al., 2015,irrespective of the call for justice and unity to all, not allcultures uphold it hence may make an individual demoralized andsuffer the sense of not belonging hence making them feel out ofplace. It is thus advisable that an individual chooses to integratewith people that share common values and interests as them to avoidstress and other related disorders.


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