Response to Myrna


Responseto Myrna

Responseto Myrna

Thereare many social issues affecting the modern education systems. Iagree with Myrna that bulling in schools is one of the main socialissues affecting school going children. Although not at an alarminglevel, I also experienced some form of bullying in school. Also knowseveral children who have experienced serious cases of bullying,which negatively affected their academic lives. Bullying in academicinstitutions is a global social problem. It has negative impacts onthe learning environment as well as safety and emotional welfare ofthe children (Juvonen &amp Graham, 2014). Bullying in schoolsmodifies the learning environment, derailing the learning process.Studies indicate that different forms of bulling exist in alllearning institutions. Up to 80 percent of all school going childrenhas experienced some form of bullying in their school life. I alsoagree with Myrna that bullying have negative impacts on children.There are both short term and long term impacts of bullying (Juvonen&amp Graham, 2014). Children who are bullied in school are lesslikely to participate in activities in school, both academic and nonacademic work. Positive school atmosphere, self esteem, scholasticand prosocial motivation are directly affected by school bullying.This means that victims of bullying in school are less likely toengage in social and academic activities in school. Bullied childrenare also insecure, lack trust, are hyper-vigilant and are likely tosuffer from mental illnesses.I also agree with Myrna that there isa need for programs in school that are aimed at preventing bullying.These programs should involve all stakeholders, including teachers,parents, school administrators and the society at large. Theprograms should aim at increasing awareness and promoting zerotolerance to bullying (O`Brennan et al, 2014).


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