Response to classmate`s answer Part 1 Unit


Response to classmate’s answer: Part 1


The equation tackledby the student is y = -4x – 5 (0, -1)

You have provided all the right steps and most importantly statingyour question. For the parallel lines, I agree with the finalequation which you have given as y = -4x-1. However, you have notindicated the individual steps such as opening brackets and the like.Showing steps taken is important because it shows that the answer isnot copied. As for the perpendicular line, I agree with your finalanswer for the equation as y = 1/4x -1. However, just like the abovecase, you have not shown the steps taken. Nonetheless, you have donevery well to include the statements on the formula used such asindicating that perpendicular lines have slopes that are negativereciprocals of each other.

As for the use vocabulary, you understand very well about the termslope and reciprocal. However, as for the other vocabularies, youindicate that you had problems. Well I can advise that using theequation for y, you easily get the y-intercept as the constant numberin the equation. You can obtain the x-intercept by solving theequation for x using the y equation. Similarly, the x-intercept isthe constant number in the equation. Given the nature of flatCartesian plane, a negative x-intercept means that the line crossesthe x axis to the left of the origin and a positive number means itcrosses the x-axis on the right hand side of the plane. For apositive y- intercept, the line crosses the y-axis above the originand below the origin if the number is negative. Note the origin isthe ordered point (0,0).