Response to Alyssa Hill,

Responseto Alyssa Hill,

Duringproduct development or redesigning of a particular model, companieslook up to the quality of the car, but that does not determine howthe product will be manufactured. Customer’s interest is theprimary determinant of how the new model will look like and what willbe impressive about it. Quality function deployment is like theclient`s voice into both the product and service development process.

Inproduction quality is the primary tool throughout the process.Customers will mostly be considering how good the product is nomatter the price. Luxuries vehicles are the once that requirecontinuous quality improvement due to the high expectations of thecustoms, so it has to be impressive. I do agree that regardless ofthe long history of quality production, a change also serves as animportant reminder of how companies should strive to improve productand service quality.

Someof the issues that you missed mentioning are when developing avehicle`s model, what are the major areas that are redesigned toimpress the customer. Companies sacrifice quality at times for lowerprices, but what I do not understand is, what do they change in avehicle to lower its quality and meet the modest price goal. Time isan important issue during production and redesigning of a product.You haven’t mentioned the time difference that both take during theproduction of a low-quality vehicle and the high-quality cars.

Itwas a vital step for Chrysler`s movement toward no-bid contractsreveals the influence of the quality and also to secure theirproducts and have a good relationship with their customers. Ifcompanies carry out the same step as Chrysler automobile qualityinitiative, production will increase, and good qualities will beproduced bring about competition.

NissanCorporation takes a huge deal about quality due to its customer’sneeds and expectation in their product. They hold an annual event tocreate awareness for their suppliers and staff which is a crucialstep in production (Evans 2014). These enable employee have a clearunderstanding of what is expected of them and also for the supplierthey have a good picture of what they are selling the market.

ForNissan, they have taken great concern of their products even afterproduction. In case, one of their vehicles has a malfunction and thepart is not out in the market, they are proactive in proving it tothe customer. It has brought to my understanding that NissanCorporation creates a close, and good relationship with it existingcustomer maintaining the trust they have on them as it tries todevelop trust with new clients and suppliers.

Itis attempting to improve its designs by working on the malfunctionsthat have been discovered in the preceding vehicles, which is animpressive move that is a way of increasing it selling numbers. Youhave missed mentioning what Nissan is doing to market the companygrows beyond the redesigning of parts (Evans 2014). In this article,we do not see which type of vehicles is often redesigned in NissanCorporation for there to be a competition between the models.

Itis very inspiring how Nissan makes it a priority to get to the bottomof why production and confidence in the product as a whole aredeclining in the market (Evans 2014). It has also concentrated moreon the malfunction of the product which is a good base line that hasbuilt a strong relation with its customers.


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