Research paper Race discrimination

Researchpaper: Race discrimination

Racediscrimination has been on the rise in various organizationsregarding matters of employment and empowering people from minorityraces with leadership roles. The issue of concern is whether thegovernment should come up with policies to stop race discriminationcases. The research question is why should the government introducepolicies that discourage race discrimination? My argument is that thegovernment should be up to the task in coming up with policies andimplementation of the same to stop race discrimination.

Racediscrimination is the situation in which a person is treateddifferently and in an unjust manner on the basis of their race,ethnic group, or skin color. Such cases have been on the rise invarious organizations. Studies have shown that race, racism, anddiscrimination have an influence on the places of work, institutions,and labor markets (Bobo and Fox 321). The black people and otherminority groups have been in most cases found themselves in adisadvantaged position.

Thereis a need for the involvement of the government in coming up withpolicies that ensure equity in organizations and labor markets. Suchparticipation will ensure that the organizations practicing racediscrimination stop the vice because of the consequences likely tobefall them once they are discovered and charged. Failure of theinvolvement of the government in dealing with race discriminationwill translate into more practice worsening the situation for theminority groups living in such areas.

Theinvolvement of the government in bringing to an end racediscrimination has been met with rebuttal. The citizens of the largeethnic group believe that in the end, the minority groups will takeover the leadership of the organizations thus, overthrowing themajority ethnic group.


Racediscrimination remains a challenge in the placement and promotion ofemployees to various positions in an organization. There is a needfor the introduction of policies that prevent this practice to ensureequity and proper placement of workers to different posts in anorganization irrespective of their race. The government should stepin to ensure that policies are put in place to stop racediscrimination. The policies should be in such a way that theminority groups do not over rule in the future resulting to reversedpractice of the same.


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