Faulls,From Dust to Destiny (2014)

Theshort book authored by Faulls is an encouraging one since it tellspeople that God has a purpose for everyone and the ultimate goal ispromotion. It is based on the verse in the book of Proverbs chapter19:21, which says, “numerous are the plans in the heart of a man,but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails1.”The book is commended for individuals wishing to understand the wordof God without any guidance. If an individual wants to know what Godthinks about them, the book is best suited to explain since somepeople have believed in the Lord in for a very long time and nothingbetter has ever come their way. Indeed, some individuals aresceptical about the scripture’s claims, especially when what theyexpect to happen turns the other way. The book introduces individualsto the word of God and encourages them to welcome him since the Lordis likely to walk with them in life. God has a purpose for everyone,and he wishes to turn others into his ambassadors. One of theconcepts that this text presents is self-gratification since it warnsthat people were not made to fulfilment their selfish interests onlyinstead they have to do God’s work. The second concept is amaterialistic dream, and the book warns people against focusing toomuch on the earthly things since the life that the Lord designs ismore than this. The third concept is the eternal purpose, which meanseverlasting life. The book talks about the majestic expression wherethe individual has a special life after the sufferings and troublesof the world. The final concept is transformation whereby the authortalks about the impacts that an individual would have on earth. Thebook helps people to come to terms with the reality and try to changethe way others perceive things in the world.

Gilbert,What Is the Gospel (2010)

Inthe book, the author tries to explain what exactly the gospel is andhe goes on to concur with the teaching in the bible that the wordmeans good news. Anytime Christians use the word, they refer to thegood news about the Lord Jesus Christ2.The aim of the author is to teach people some of the ways throughwhich they can receive the good news since he is concerned with theresponse. Many people have heard the word of God, but they rarelytake any step to accept it. The concepts in the book are many and thefirst one is right. As used in the book, it means the Lord Jesus hasthe right of telling human beings what they ought to do. The secondconcept is reliance, and as used in the text, it means relying on theLord’s faith for anything that takes place in the world. Substituteis the third concept meaning Jesus Christ rose from the grave to helpthose in need in achieving their ambitions. The last concept isrighteousness whereby the author advises Christians to lead a purelife since this will facilitate their eternal life.


Theideas that the two writers present are very important in helping aChristian in the day-to-day life. The concepts they talk about arevalid in enhancing one’s ministry and advancing the word of theLord. Faulls, in his writing ‘From Dust to Destiny’, tellsChristians that God is in a position of uplifting the life of anindividual perceived to be struggling into somebody that can behonoured by everybody. He observes that each person was created formore, and they are likely to surpass human imaginations. Since peopleare always concerned with self-gratification, including churchleaders, they forget to accomplish the important task that the Lordcalled them to do. They simply go for materialistic things and theylose everything at the end. Fighting for eternal life should comefirst for any Christian since the main purpose of serving the Lord isto realize the ultimate dream of being with him forever. To achievethis dream, anyone wishing to live with the Lord forever has to dohis work on earth, which entails transforming as many lives aspossible through the gospel.

Gilbert’sbook asks fundamental questions that any Christian has to ask aswell. For instance, people should know who created them and whom theyare accountable to as well. Sin is prevalent in the world currently,and the question that one has to ask is, what the problem is. Someonehas to ask whether God has the solution to the problem and whetherthere is any way an individual might be part of the problem. Gilberttalks about right whereby he suggests that the Lord is always right,and he knows exactly what is best for everyone. Therefore, humanbeings must be patient in whatever they do, including ministry work,because only the Lord knows the time to repay them. Individualsshould strive to be righteous and be reliant on their saviour if theyare to succeed in doing anything.


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