Qualitative Observation




Whatis the reaction of student when they fail an exam?

Itis worth noting that, every student reacts differently when theyreceive their feedback on exam such as, there are those who arehappy, angry, sad and others determined to work more. As a result, Idecided to conduct an interview on various students after they havereceived their result. Majority of student were eager to work moreeven if they had passed exam or failed, while some felt as if theydid not supposed to be at school. There were some few who were angryregarding their result, as they felt they could have done better. Myfindings are most students are willing to work more or study more inorder to enhance their performance.

Question2. What are the challenges of covert observation? Why is it a rarequalitative method?

Thechallenges of covert observation are that one cannot take any singlenotes since he or she does not want to reveal his or her intention asa researcher. Additionally, the researcher cannot ask the respondentsquestions since if the researcher tries to ask questions he or shewill not be able to get access to the information that are consideredas privacy. Lastly, the researcher has a lot of challenges becausehe or she cannot disclose his or her intention to the people. Themethod is a rare qualitative method because most of the researchersdo not need personal information. If they ask personal information,they will tell the respondent not to write their names for personalprivacy.

Discussionpost response


Thisis a brilliant idea of observing the causes of behavior changes.Indeed, from your primary research, you have clearly demonstratedthat a child behavior cannot enhance another challenged child toimprove their behaviors. As a result, this can assist the stakeholderto find alternatives solution to assist those children in dire need.


Thisis a very interesting area of research that can assist in saving manylives. You have clearly demonstrated through the primary researchthat the use of mobile phone is the major cause of disruption duringkey points, like turning point or roundabout. This is improperdriving ethic, which for many years has caused fetal accidents on ourroads. I think there should be a thorough awareness to all road userson the impact of driving while using mobile phones and also topedestrians. In addition, there should be stiff penalties for thosewho go against this traffic law.


Thisis a good idea of observing how students consume their time while inthe library. From your observation, it is clear that majority ofstudents enjoys the study time on social media. In social media, itcan be tool for study too, but I doubt if the students were actuallystudying while on social media or engaging with their peers. However,am sure when can study less via social media, as their might behigher chances of getting disrupted, such as live chats and messages.Students ought to exploit their time on library on study only.