Public policy


Eventhough people think they can earn a living from crime, it’s notjustice to let others suffer because of it. The importance of forminga public policy is to curb crime because crime is a major obstacle toa growing community. To curb crime would mean that it will improvethe economy of the community and bring an end to the corruption thathas contributed to high crime rate.

Thepolicy formed would be a great initial start to try and save thecommunity from its degrading rate of its economy which has led hasled to some factors that have affected its environs. This paperdiscusses the ways to try and change society where its not right tosay you can earn a living from crime but say crime is an injusticethat should be rid of.


Bydefinition a crime is any action or omission that creates offense andis punishable by law example of a crime is stealing from someone etc.Crime has been there since the colonization of America and up totoday we still have crime affecting our societies. The crime rateaccording to statistics done by research organizations shows thatsince colonization crime has not been increasing ad decreasing yearby year. By this, I mean that there are times the crime rate was veryhigh compared to other times. For example, I would compare the rateof crime between the 1970s to 1990s and now, from the statistics doneit shows that crime was high then as compared to now showing thatcrime rate is not predictable.

Effectsof crime to society

Theeffects of crime affect every both directly and indirectly. Theeffects of crime might be long term or short term depending on thetype of crime committed. Crime may lead to loss of life, property,income or even medical costs. One major concern of crime is no matterwhat crime has been committed it affects us, it might not befinancial but also psychologically.

Publicpolicy to address to crime.

Policyimplies to the laws, regulations, courses of action and funding givento tackle the issue. In my case, the issue is a crime in our societyand using the aspects of the public policy life cycle I will come upwith a policy that will reduce crime in our societies. The publicpolicy life cycle has four main phases that include:

i).Agenda setting

ii).Formulation and adoption



Thework will be divided into the above phases that I have mentionedabove so as to come up with a good policy to curb crime.

i).Agenda Setting

Inmy home town, it has come to my attention that crime has been on theincrease. Due to the high crime rate it has led to insecurity andsometimes loss of life. The main crime offenders are the youth fromthe observations that have been done. The type of crime committedranges from shoplifting, theft, carjacking and robbery with violencejust to mention a few. It has been a big process for the concernedlaw enforcers to try to curb the high rate of crime. This is becausethe majority of the criminals have connections to people who haveauthority in the government. Therefore, you will find it hard to tryto tackle the crime issue. The causes of crime are very many in thecommunity one can say it might be poverty, peer pressure or drugs,etc. In the community, It was noticed that majority of the criminalsapprehended by the authorities are youths who either didn`t attendschool, or they declined to finish school. It is hard to get a job ifyou did not attend school until high school and if one is luckyenough to get a job, the salary is not good to cater for the basicneeds.

Useof Drugs is a factor that contributes to high crime rate because amajority of the drug users do not have a job, or a means to getmoney. Since the drug users do not have a means to get the money theytend to participate in crime so as to buy more drugs. Such crimesinclude theft etc. Peer pressure was another factor that it wasobserved was a cause of increased crime rate in the community. Peerpressure mainly affects the youths Its observed that the youth tendsto think that being involved in crime is something good, and it makesyou be feared by the members of the community around you. The factthat being involved in crime and the authorities not being able toapprehend them because of lack of substantial proof from that theyare criminals makes them believe that they are above the law. Thefeeling that one is above the law interest’s other youths,therefore, you find that other youths will want to join crime. Theyouths tend to believe that getting quick money (money gotten fromstealing) is easier to get that actually to work for it.

Thereare cases that one or two officials in government are corrupt this isbecause we have criminals who after being caught involved in a crimethey are later released on a very petty bond or sometimes they arejust left to go free. It is believed so because of the cases peoplehave heard cases about crimes where one criminal was caughttransporting illegal drugs and later was released on bond. I believethat there is a possibility that some government officials arecorrupt, or they are the suppliers of the drugs (Sansfacon, el al1999).

Inother cases, you find that it is because of poverty that leads one tocommit a crime. One of the examples might be a person who has afamily and doesn’t have the means to feed his family, therefore,the person might decide to steal or shoplift so as to cater for thefamily. Crime is a general issue affecting my society and also theworld entirely and if not taken care of we might go back to thebarbaric times where anyone can do anything he/she feels like. It isimpotent to raise the awareness that crime is an issue that should betackled. Its needed to enforce harsh laws against crime offenders.

Thereare solutions to tackle crime in my community I know that thesesolutions will help greatly in reducing the crime rate. One of thesolutions is education if we raise the awareness of the importance ofeducation I see a change among the youth in my community. Every childmust be able to at least finished school up to high school. Toenforce this, it takes the effort from the parents, schooladministrators and the government to ensure that every child has goneto school. If it is possible, we could make education free like insome other countries. If we make it education free, we will reducethe number of youths in the streets. Make a rule that taking a childis compulsory for every parent or guardian failure to do so will makeone to face the court of law.

Thebuilding of technical schools is another way to make sure that youthswho don’t make it to college can go to these technical schools andmake a career out of it. Another way to curb crime might be toencourage the youth to be involved in co-curricular activities suchas sports etc. It is not only education that will make the youth beproductive and be happy about themselves, but one can also succeedwith co-curricular activities. We have schools that are willing togive full scholarships to students who are good in sports.

Povertyis another problem that leads to the crime but if we find a way thatthe government can give subsidies to families that are not able tofeed themselves. Another form to curve out poverty would be to givetechnical jobs to the able members of the affected family. This willmake the people productive and not lazy hence it will also increasethe economy of my community. To deal with the corrupt governmentofficials we need to set up a commission that will investigate thesecorrupt officials in the government (Gaubatz, et al. 1995). TheCommission must work with the police such that if one is found to becorrupt one he/she will be arrested and taken to court. Thiscommission will also investigate officers who are involved withcriminals, and those are responsible with allowing the selling ofdrugs in the society to the youths

ii)Formulationand Adoption

Inthis phase, it involves with talking with the necessary law makers intrying to implement the solutions that I have raised in the previoustopic. There are policies that can be created so that the abovesolutions can be implemented.

Thefirst policy would be to create a commission. The work of this policywould be to investigate the corrupt officials in the government. Thecommission is supposed to work closely with the law enforcers wehave, if they find substantial proof that one is corrupt they shouldalert the law enforcers and arrest. The commission should also begiving detailed reports on their investigations every month so as toensure integrity.

Theintroduction of subsidies to be given to families that cannot afforda basic meal. The criteria for choosing these families should bebased on families that the bread winner is unable to work and doesn’thave a pension plan (Greene, et al. 1977)This policy will make mostfamily members not to be involved in crime or crime relatedactivities. Build more technical schools for the students who areunable to join colleges. These technical schools should be free thestate government should allocate finances for the day to day runningof the school. In the coming financial year, a technical schoolshould be on the budget.

Creationof technical jobs should be enforced this is to reduce the number ofunemployed citizens in the community. The technical jobs mightinclude jobs like being a driver, janitor, security officer, etc.This will reduce the unemployment rate in my community and improvethe economy of the town. I would also like the law makers toencourage schools to give scholarships to students who are good inany co-curricular activities. This in turn will make studentsmotivated to go school. Harsh laws should also be put especially tothose people who ae involved in drugs (Hummelsheim, et al. 2010). Ifone is caught with drugs, one should not be released on bail. Use ofdrugs is the main cause of high rate of crime in my society.Therefore, I see it fit that harsh laws should be put against sellingor using drugs


Inthis phase, it is expected that the necessary policies will be givento the necessary agencies so that they can be implementedaccordingly. For example, the commission will be created by the lawenforcers, the commission will be independent but will closely workwith the law enforcers. The state budget committee will beresponsible for allocation of funds when it comes to building of thetechnical schools and giving out the subsidies to the families thatare not able to cater for themselves (Avi-Itzhak,et al. 1973)

.The state budget committee will also ensure that education is free bypaying the necessary fees for all the students. Education should befree because knowledge is power. The laws against drugs will beimplemented, and the judicial, and the law enforcers are expected toapply the new rules. The creation of jobs will be done by the officeof the mayor the office might create jobs around the community be itcleaning the streets. The office of the mayor might also make lawsthat will restrict individuals from working more than a particularnumber of hours. This will make companies hire more workers tomaintain productivity. (Hummelsheim et al. 2010). The law enforcerswill be tasked with ensuring that all children go to school thiswill be done by removing the idle youths on the streets. If it is thefault of the parent that the child has not gone to school, the parentshould be arrested and taken to court.


Thelast phase involves when the policies have been implemented, andthere must be results after evaluation of the implementation of thepolicies. After a period when all policies will have been enacted Iexpect drastic changes in my community (Gaubatz et al.,1995). Thecrime rate will have reduced, and a majority of the citizens willhave jobs. The youths will become better individuals who will befocused on building the community to better standards. Theexpenditure used to implement all the policies will be worth spendingbecause the money spent will be returned by investments made byemploying people and building the economy.


Itcan be therefore be concluded that setting up of policies is a veryimportant aspect in trying to tackle an issue that is affecting thecommunity. Coming up with the policies and implementing them is notas the easy task because it takes a great deal of effort from alotlot of people. For policies to be implemented finances are importantwithout finances, it is not possible to implement anything. It isalso noted that crime is an issue that is affecting almost allcommunities it derails the development of the economic communitywise. Crime affects us all both directly and indirectly. Therefore,it is highly recommended that we try to curb it as soon as it isdiscovered. It is noted that crime is a major obstacle to the growthof the society. A policy created to curb crime will be very effectiveand very efficient such actions will have a positive effect to thesociety. A good example would be corruption will be tamed, theeconomy will improve rapidly, and there will be justice in thecommunity.


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