Proposed Customer Security Approach



ProposedCustomer Security Approach

ProposedCustomer Security Approach

Evenif the grandfather’s coffee shop is a small business it is stillvulnerable if it is attacked by external hackers and people who mightwant the business fall. Thus, there is a high need for manybusinesses to take the necessary steps to ensure that they protecttheir assets as well as their customers. In this case, I will use thesystem of cryptography to protect my customers as well as mygrandfather’s coffee shop. This is a form of storing andtransmitting data in a manner that only those who are intended tohave access to it can read and process the information in it (Mollin,2001).

Thissystem of security will ensure that all data of the shop as well asour customer’s details are protected from theft and any other formof alteration. It also offers the platform of ensuring userauthentication when determining the right people who have access togive information of the company (Mollin,2001).This platform also offers a situation of safe system designs where itminimizes the exposure of the shop’s system to hackers and thievesboth internally and externally as it has a way of limiting access tothe shop’s computers and technology infrastructures. There will beno point where the system will fault as a result of access of theshop hardware and software by unauthorized parties (Mollin,2001).This way the shop’s management is guaranteed full time activity andexpects to be served fully with minimal interruptions.

Thesystem uses the method of encryption where even if the data was tofall into the wrong hands, those parties will not understand as onlythose people who have the authority to access the will know how todecrypt the information (Guo,Mu &amp Chen, 2008).This is a proper way of ensuring that our customers have trust in usin that even if it reaches a point that their details are stolen bythird parties they can relax as they are sure that the informationobtained will be useless. It also creates a sense of integrity inthat all the information stored cannot be altered in any way.

Advantagesof cryptography

  • The system has a way of hiding a company’s message, thus safeguarding privacy

  • Individuals cannot in any way understand the information not unless they have the key to decode the information.

  • The system also is very instrumental in the protection of sensitive data as well as being a good tool for authentication only allowing intended users to have access to the information available (Lauter, 2004).


  • In order to come up with a good code that will be difficult to be figured out, one need to take a long time, so as to come up with the code (Oriyano, 2013).

  • Sometimes the protection provided by the encryption system can be illusory in nature. If the system where the encryption is performed can be penetrated, then the intruder will have total control of the information and do whatever he or she pleases.

Inorder to assure our customers that the security approach underlinedwill protect their data, I will ensure that they understand how thesystem works. Once they are aware of how the system works, then theywould be at peace knowing that their personal information. The factthat only a few people could be able to access the information and beable to understand it will serve a long way in winning theirconfidence. They should understand that we are doing all we can so asto ensure that their information is safe and secure.


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